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7 Common Tree Pruning Mistakes that You Should Avoid

Tree pruning is a crucial part of the tree care routine. At first glance, it may seem like an easy task. However, it involves the consideration of many essential aspects. This is because if you prune trees hastily or carelessly, it can cause severe damage. It helps to know about things you must not do when trimming the trees to ensure their long-term health. Read on to learn how to maintain healthy shrubs and trees by avoiding some common pruning mistakes.

7 Tree Pruning Mistakes that People Make and How to Avoid Them

  • Pruning without a Goal

    When you prune or trim trees, it helps to have a particular goal. It could be anything, such as increasing the production of flowers and fruits fruit or removing dead limbs. This is because, without an aim, you may end up cutting more portions than necessary and cause irreversible damage to the plants. Thus, it helps to think before you cut parts of a tree.

  • Topping the Trees

    Topping or cutting the topmost portion of a tree tends to weaken it. Also, this sends the plant into repair mode, leading to a burst of bushy and uneven growth. If you want to reduce the tree’s overall size, it helps to trim small portions of lateral branches.

  • Improper Cuts

    An improper cut such as a stub cut or cutting too far from the trunk may damage the plant. It does not allow the tree to heal and impedes its overall growth. Also, it can result in decay, eventually leading to the plant’s death.

  • Pruning Too Close to the Trunk

    Flush cuts refer to trimming the branches too close to a tree’s trunk. It damages the plant because removing the branch collar eliminates a tree’s natural protection boundary. You should leave the branch bark ridge and collar intact when pruning the trees.

  • Ripping Off the Bark

    When you make improper cuts on heavy branches, they may fall and rip the bark before you can make a clean cut. It helps to use the three cut pruning technique to avoid such situations. Start from the bottom of the limb and cut 1 – 2 feet out on the branch you want to remove. Then, slice around halfway through it.

  • Using Dull Tools to Prune the Trees

    Although using dull tools to trim your trees may not seem like a problem, it can cause them significant damage. Using unsharpened tools creates improper cuts and may shred or rip the bark. It helps to use well-maintained and sharpened tools for tree pruning.

  • Not Hiring the Pros

    Professionals providing complete tree care services have the expertise and knowledge to prune trees. They know the correct techniques, can ensure the safety of people on the property and have the right pruning tools and equipment. This is why it helps to hire a reputable company to do the job.

We Offer the Best Services for Tree Pruning in Toronto

Best Services for Tree Pruning in Toronto
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