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Reasons Why Tree Pruning is Important in Commercial Property Maintenance

The Benefits of Professional Tree Pruning Services for Commercial Properties

Commercial property managers and business owners should understand the importance of keeping their sites well-maintained, as well as any potential ramifications of neglecting these responsibilities. For those who do take these factors into consideration, it is quite likely that much of the attention directed toward maintaining their properties focuses on comfort and safety for tenants and visitors alike.

Consequently, these commercial property managers/business owners will need to ensure that their buildings and grounds receive a balanced investment of time and effort across a range of maintenance obligations including but not limited to:

  • Building security
  • Structural repairs
  • Heating and cooling
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Trash and debris disposal
  • Fire alarms/sprinkler systems

In addition being accountable for the above, individuals tasked with any/all responsibility for property maintenance must also place the appropriate emphasis on grounds keeping, not only for its aesthetic benefits, or curb appeal, but once again for safety reasons. And this should not be limited to merely cutting the lawn or occasionally weeding any flower beds; it would be very prudent to include tree pruning as well.

There are several reasons why commercial property owners/managers may want to look up, in a manner of speaking, with respect to maintaining the grounds surrounding their buildings; regular and proper tree pruning can offer several benefits to Toronto and area properties, including:

Curb Appeal
  • General appearance of the property to visitors and passersby
  • A stateliness to the grounds; strategic areas of sun and shade
Better Visibility
  • Building signage can be more easily read from street level
  • Eliminates obscurity of signs for onsite traffic or pedestrians
Tree Health
  • Creates an aura of vitality for the grounds – and the business
  • Presents an attractiveness and allure for potential customers
Building Clearance
  • Provides sufficient access/egress in the event of an emergency
  • Allows for penetration of sunlight/natural light through windows
Safety and Accessibility
  • Keeps walkways/parking areas free from overhanging branches
  • Ensures that powerlines are free-and-clear of potential damage
  • Reduces the probability of property damage and personal injury

In order to maximize these potential benefits, commercial property managers or owners would be well-advised to consider a professional tree care services provider, such as the team from DreamWorks Tree Services; these trained specialists can apply their skills and knowledge in tree service to optimize tree health and curb appeal while simultaneously eliminating any safety risks associated with do-it-yourself tree care and maintenance.

Spur-Free Tree Pruning Helps to Avoid Potential Tree Damage or Trauma

Included among the comprehensive range of professional tree services provided by the specialists from DreamWorks Tree Services is spur-free tree pruning; this is of particular importance for tall or mature trees that must otherwise be scaled or climbed as a means of providing such services.

Spur-free tree pruning utilizes ropes and safety harnesses or aerial lifts/bucket trucks for working at heights instead of having a tree service provider climb by digging sharp spurs directly into the trunk. This method offers a number of advantages, such as:

  • Avoiding acute trunk damage
  • Eliminating damage to the bark
  • Reducing the likelihood of infection
  • Inhibiting the potential for insect infestation
  • Preventing permanent damage to living tissue

For additional information on the benefits of spur-free tree pruning by DreamWorks Tree Services, please visit our Spur Free Tree Pruning page.

Based in Uxbridge, DreamWorks Tree Services has been providing exceptional tree care service, including tree pruning, for commercial property managers or business owners in Toronto and vicinity for the past two decades. The service area for DreamWorks extends outside Toronto as well, encompassing many municipalities in York Region (Newmarket, Aurora, Markham, Stouffville, etc.) and in Durham Region (Ajax, Pickering, and Whitby).

If a tree/trees on your commercial property, and the property itself, could benefit from professional tree care and tree pruning services, Call the trained experts at DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-793-8903 or Contact us to ask for a complimentary quote.

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