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Clearing Land of Trees and Stumps to Build a House or Cottage

Adequate Land Clearing is an Integral Step in Proper Building Site Preparation

For some people, there is an appeal or attraction to purchasing an undeveloped property with the intent to one day convert that land into the location of their retirement home or summer cottage. Although that property may best be defined at its time of purchase as an uneven tract of land covered by trees, stumps, and overgrown brush, there is a clear image of what it will become that is likely already embedded in the mind of the buyer.

Clearing Land Before Building Hous

There are two significant factors that generally stand between that mental image and the ultimate realization of the plan; the time and money that needs to be invested at every stage of the construction process. And these factors are often interrelated; the property owners can save money by doing the work themselves or they can save time by hiring professional contractors to complete the work.

Although the self-construction option is admirable, not to mention less expensive as well as extremely gratifying once the job is complete, it can also be highly challenging unless the property owner is widely experienced in a diverse set of skills ranging from electrical to roofing to how to clear land with a bobcat.  And while this latter skill may seem out of context with other, more common types of contracting, it is certainly no less important; in fact, it is perhaps more important because proper clearing of the wooded land is the first step for any house or cottage construction project.

Effective land clearing encompasses several important steps consisting of the following:

  • Site surveying
  • Proper tree felling
  • Full stump removal
  • Brush clearing/removal
  • Wood chipping and disposal
  • Preservation of any existing trees
  • Land grading/regrading as appropriate

Much of the above requires specialized equipment, which the property owner would likely have to rent, along with the skills and experience needed to perform each step in a safe, efficient, and effective manner.  Consequently, regardless of how quickly the house or cottage construction moves forward and who eventually does the work (the lot owner or various contractors), the least expensive, i.e. cheapest, and fastest way to clear the land would be through the services provided by land clearing companies such as DreamWorks Tree Services.

People who are committed to building their dream home or cottage are well-aware of the time and costs associated with such an endeavour; they are also mindful of the fact that laying the groundwork, so to speak, is fundamental to converting that dream into reality. In such cases however, laying the groundwork is not a metaphorical expression; building site preparation is a particularly important physical step in the construction process.

Thus, capitalizing on the land clearing expertise of DreamWorks Tree Services will assure property owners that any/all land preparation steps needed for building a house/cottage will be performed in a most satisfactory fashion with the fewest possible complications or delays.

Professional Land Clearing Services

Professional Lot and Land Clearing Services for Projects of All Size and Scope

The importance of proper building site preparation cannot be underestimated, nor should it be done in a less-than-complete fashion as a means of reducing overall projects costs. Furthermore, inadequate or insufficient lot clearing can result in cost overruns and other structure-related issues during the construction phase or after the property owner moves into their new house or cottage.

Therefore, due to the potential short-term and long-term cost implications of deficient or incomplete land clearing, property owners would indeed be well-advised to invest in the professional lot clearing services offered by DreamWorks Tree Services, regardless of the scope or the cost of the job.

In terms of the size/scope of the land clearing job, it would be important to keep in mind that DreamWorks Tree Services does not restrict its land clearing expertise to residential or cottage properties only. These experienced specialists can efficiently and competently handle projects of all size and scale, including:

  • Housing developments
  • Commercial investments
  • Road widening or redirection
  • Municipal construction projects
  • Golf course construction/expansion
  • Installation or relocation of power lines

DreamWorks Tree Services respects the importance of providing proper and timely land clearing for any endeavours of this magnitude and is committed to meeting all deadlines to the complete satisfaction of the person or persons accountable for overseeing the job.

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