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The Best Practices for Transplanting Trees and Shrubs

The Best Practices for Transplanting Trees and Shrubs

Transplanting trees and shrubs can be risky as you run the risk of damaging many of the smaller feeder roots in the process. These roots absorb a majority of the plant’s essential nutrients and water. To help minimize the shock to the plant, it is recommended to prune the roots several months to about a year in advance of moving the plant.

Preparation for Transplanting

  • Root Pruning – Pruning roots will help encourage the plant to produce new feeder roots. These feeder roots help to reduce transplant shock. For most plants, it is recommended to prune the roots in the fall and transplant them the following spring. If the plant is larger, pruning a year or more before the transplant may be recommended. There are various pruning methods depending on the type of plant you have. When the roots have been pruned, be sure that the root ball receives enough water. You can check this by feeling the soil.
  • Transplanting – Before you move the plant, prepare the hole in the new location. Soak the root ball of the plant before you move it so the soil will stay together as you dig the plant out. Dig soil away from the root ball, and wrap it in untreated, natural burlap. Synthetic burlap will not rot away and will eventually cause the growth of the roots to be restricted. Move the plant using a cart, wheelbarrow, or cardboard. Keep the root ball and soil intact, as if it breaks it will likely break the roots inside which could cause the plant to die. Place the plant so the burlap is at the same depth as the hole and fill it in with topsoil. Add three to four inches of mulch but keep it off of the trunk of the tree or stems of the plant, and water adequately.

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