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Tree & Shrub Care: Questions to Ask Before Planting a Tree

Trees not only add beauty and privacy to your property, but they also have practical benefits. In addition to allowing you to get natural windbreakers in the winter and cooler temperatures during the summer months, they can help enhance the overall value of your property. However, tree planting requires adequate planning, including deciding its location, type, soil conditions, weather conditions, and more to ensure that you get the maximum benefits. Read on to learn more about the details of tree planting from our qualified arborists.

5 Questions to Ask Before Planting Trees

What is the Purpose of Planting the Tree?

When it comes to tree planting, most people often think of the aesthetics and cost of the plant first. However, it helps to begin with a broader perspective by asking what the goal of the tree is. The aim could be as simple as installing an ornamental feature near the house, providing shade, or creating privacy. Determining the purpose will help you decide the further course of action.

What are the Light and Soil Conditions in the Planting Area?

Once you decide the goal, it helps to consider the light and ground conditions. Check if the soil in the area is arid or soggy because while some trees grow best when the soil is moist, others thrive in drier conditions. Also, examine the properties of the soil to know the constituent of nutrients in it. Consider how much sun the area gets throughout the day and choose your tree accordingly. This is because although most trees need full or partial sun, a few flourish in the shade.

How Big Will the Tree Grow?

  • Tree’s Height
    It helps to picture the tree’s full-grown size and consider whether it will get in the way of a utility line. Also, make sure it does not obstruct the view from your house.
  • Size of the Canopy
    Position your tree in a way that gives it space all around with no obstacles to restrict the growth of its canopy.
  • Underground
    Remember that a tree’s roots tend to spread out even farther than its canopy. Make sure there are no underground pipes that could be damaged by roots. Also, do not plant trees too close to each other.

What Does the Tree Need to Become Strong and Healthy?

As part of your tree and shrub care, it helps to consider the essential things that your plants need to grow to their full potential and become healthy. This may include the nutrients in the soil and the quantity of water.

Is the Plant Right for My Property?

Once you consider the critical aspects of tree planting, it will help you get a clear idea about which plants are the best for your property. You could get the help of an expert to choose the right type.

Get the Best Tree Care Service in Toronto

Tree & Shrub Care: Questions to Ask Before Planting a TreeIt helps to take the time to consider the crucial aspects of tree planting, so you’ll have less work to do in the future. We have qualified arborists in Toronto who can help you select the tree that best fits your location. We have the knowledge and expertise to offer tree and shrub care to ensure your plants are healthy.

For more information about tree planting in Toronto, please call us at 647-261-2627.

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