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Who We Are

Tree Removal Services That You’ll Be Proud Of

full-service tree care specialist

Whether you are a homeowner who wants healthier trees or a Property Manager who needs professional tree care, you can count on DreamWorks Tree Services to make you proud of your property:
  • full-service tree care specialist – From planting and maintenance, to tree pruning and removal
  • Safety is a priority – For you, your property and our Toronto arborists
  • Trained and urban arboriculture trained staff, ongoing education for the entire team
  • Protected by $5,000,000 liability insurance
  • We will leave your property in better shape than it was when we arrived

The Customers We Serve



Condominium Boards

Property Managers

The tree services we provide are determined by a carefully thought out system, developed through education and experience, that means you are assured of getting the right solution at the best price.


It’s about the health and beauty of the trees that grow on your property, but it’s not just about looks.
  • Lower energy costs with the protection of a healthy tree
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Reduce insect populations
  • Recommendations for the best trees for your property, location & needs
  • Get more enjoyment from your outdoor spaces

Your Worry-Free Option: From making sure you have all the right permits and paperwork, to cleaning your property and material disposal, DreamWorks takes care of all the details so you don’t have to.


From helping you determine what you need, to putting the finishing touches on a treescape that enhances the value of your real estate, there’s no commercial or industrial tree care detail that DreamWorks can’t make easier for you.
  • Ensure compliance with government codes and bylaws
  • Equipped for projects of all sizes
  • Experience working on all types of projects – we know what you need
  • Complete service, from permits and wide-area clearing to disposal and planting for:

Property Managers

Landscape Companies


Apartment Managers

Business Owners

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Insurance Companies



You have a job to do and we’ll help you to get it done faster, better and on budget.

All Dreamworks customers enjoy no charge consultations from courteous, respectful professionals who listen to you, visit your property to assess your needs and provide plain-language tree care solutions that make sense – for your property and your budget.

11+ years of experience maintaining trees the right way

We offer the best tree care services to maintain your property while ensuring the health of your trees by providing reliable tree care solutions.