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Tree Services

Tree Services

Complete Tree Services

Everything you can imagine for tree care and more. Trust DreamWorks to have the trained and certified people, the right equipment and a dedication to doing the job well. From the moment you call to final approval of the finished project, you will be kept informed, you will be given a fair quote and you will receive the highest quality of work and the utmost respect for your property and safety.

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Tree Removals

No one wants to lose a tree, but often it’s a necessity due to infestations, including the Emerald Ash Borer, and dead or dying trees that can be a safety hazard and potentially damage your home or property.Tree removal requires care and technical expertise. DreamWorks knows how to properly remove trees of any size and location, including bringing down each section carefully with ropes to avoid divots and other damage to your lawn, home and property.

  • Clearing of development lots and replanting
  • Remove trees that damage foundations and/or eaves troughs
  • Remove trees that are poorly placed for their health or your property and replace them with specially selected trees that are better suited for their location and your requirements

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Tree Planting

From adding ornamental residential trees, to repopulating a finished development site with beautiful, low-maintenance trees, professional arborists will recommend the best trees for your property, purpose and location.

  • Suited to your property size
  • Best growing trees for your soil type
  • Foliage colours to complement your landscape
  • Trees that flourish in sun, shade or anything in between
  • Root growth that won’t damage your home or buildings

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Spur-Free Tree Pruning

Tree pruning does so much more than make your trees and property look better.

  • Encourage fresh, new growth
  • Shed more natural light on the property below
  • Reduce fungus and mold growth with more fresh air throughout the tree canopy
  • Save your trees – Our tree pruning specialists do not use spurs for tree climbing, which eliminates tree bark damage, reduces the chance of tree infection and helps stop insect infestations

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Hedge Trimming & Shrub Care

Beautify your yard and extend the life of your hedge and shrubs

  • Encourage thicker foliage for privacy or a wind break
  • Reduce breakage from wind and snow with shorter branches
  • Add a neat, creative shape and style to your garden

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Stump Grinding

Quickly and easily get rid of unwanted stumps of any size from anywhere on your property. DreamWorks specialists are equipped with the latest stump grinding equipment that won’t damage your property and can go anywhere, including condominium rooftops or between tightly spaced homes.

  • Make your yard safer
  • Create space for a new garden or landscape feature
  • Get rid of the stump and plant a new tree!

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Cabling & Bracing

Cabling and bracing helps preserve and protect your trees from potential damage. Cabling is the installation of high-tension steel cable between the major limbs of a tree for added strength and support. Bracing is similar, but involves the use of stronger, solid steel rods.Cabling and bracing not only helps preserve and protect your trees, but your family and property too:

  • Damage Prevention: Help your tree avoid stress damage from high winds, snow and heavy foliage
  • Restoration: In some cases, cabling and bracing can help them compartmentalize without suffering more damage
  • Damage Mitigation: Cabling and bracing will reduce the potential of a tree to cause damage to itself or the property and people around it

Please note, cabling is only a preventative measure.

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Lot Clearing

If you are a property developer or have just purchased the perfect spot to build your dream home, you need the lot properly cleared so you can begin building and re-landscaping the property. DreamWorks has the trained crews and equipment to clear everything from a backyard to a future sub-division so all you have to do is start building.

  • For new builds and developments
  • To re-landscape or to add a new landscape feature
  • All permits and paperwork are completed and submitted for you

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Commercial Property Maintenance

If you’re a property manager or owner, you’ll appreciate the one-stop commercial property maintenance that Dreamworks provides year-round. Condominium complexes, industrial parks, townhome developments and apartment buildings will all enjoy improved curb appeal and the higher income that results, with dedicated, professional property maintenance and landscaping.

  • Weekly Maintenance – Grass Cutting, Trimming, Clean-up
  • Monthly MaintenancePruning, Dethatching, Aeration, Fertilization
  • Seasonal Maintenance – Planting, Spring & Fall Preparation, Snow Removal
  • No-Charge Consultation – Call 647-924-2627, we will reply within 48 hours.

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24/7 Emergency Storm Damage Cleanup

You never know when bad weather, or just a strong wind, will cause trees or branches to fall and create damage that must be repaired immediately for your safety and comfort.

Call DreamWorks any time of day or night and we will have a crew on-site to assess the damage and begin clearing it away.

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Permit Applications

The process of applying and being approved for permits is the part of tree care that no one likes. Why not save time and avoid trips to City Hall by letting DreamWorks take care of all the paperwork and procedures.

  • All residential and commercial applications and permits
  • Consultations with Municipal Inspectors
  • All cities, towns and municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area & Southern Ontario

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Bucket Truck & Crane Services

If your property is surrounded by tall trees that are hard to reach, hiring an experienced crane and bucket truck service is an excellent option. Not only do bucket truck services make it easier to reach these trees, but they are also a safe method.

  • All residential and commercial applications and permits
  • Consultations with Municipal Inspectors
  • All cities, towns and municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area & Southern Ontario

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Forestry Mulching

Forestry Mulching

Forestry Mulching is an eco-friendly technique for clearing commercial or residential land. It uses a low-impact single-operator machine system that converts trees and vegetation into a fine mulch and spreads it over the entire area. Gradually, the top layer decomposes into nutrient-rich topsoil and serves as a natural protective barrier that prevents erosion and promotes healthy plant growth. This method of clearing also enhances the curb appeal and adds value to your property.

  • Clear and manage vegetation in a woodland
  • Restore wildlife health
  • Restore access to a water source

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11+ years of experience maintaining trees the right way

We offer the best tree care services to maintain your property while ensuring the health of your trees by providing reliable tree care solutions.