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Professional Tree Care and Qualified Arborist Services for Properties in Georgina

Expert crews from DreamWorks Tree Services have been providing professional tree care and tree trimming services the residential and commercial property owners in the Town of Georgina for over a decade.  The skilled professionals from DreamWorks Tree Services have the level of knowledge and experience that these property owners need to maintain the health and beauty of their trees/shrubs and enhance the character of their landscaping.

For many property owners, their thoughts of using a professional tree care services provider may be restricted to tree removals; that is, employing such a service to remove a tree after it has yielded to the effects of disease, insect infestation, or storm damage, and/or after the tree has died.  It is important to keep in mind though, that many of the services provided by tree care specialists are focused on attaining positive results; these services include the preservation/restoration of tree health and appearance and enriching a property’s allure.

Thus, when property owners in Georgina want to maintain or boost the appeal of the trees and shrubs within their overall landscaping plan, they might be prudent to call DreamWorks Tree Services at 647-924-2627 to ask about the entire scope of their tree care services.

DreamWorks Delivers a Full Range of Tree Care and Tree Removal Services

Professional Tree Services

Commercial Property Maintenance Programs

  • Weekly – grass cutting, edging/trimming, and clean-up
  • Monthly – tree/shrub pruning; lawn aeration and fertilization
  • Seasonal – planting; spring and fall preparation; snow removal

Professional Tree Care Services from a Qualified Arborist

There are several reasons for which Georgina property owners might require the services of a qualified arborist from DreamWorks Tree Services. These circumstances could include:

  • Assessment of tree health
  • Tree and/or stump removal
  • Repairs after storm damage
  • Tree planting or transplanting
  • Diagnosis/treatment of disease
  • Diagnosis/treatment of infestation
  • Pruning, trimming, and canopy shaping
  • Nutrition (fertilization; soil maintenance)

A qualified arborist can be a valuable resource preserving the appeal and health of the trees and shrubs on any residential and commercial properties.  The knowledge and experience of these professionals can be most helpful in ensuring suitable tree care, especially when the seasonal weather conditions experienced in Georgina and area are taken into consideration.

Free Property Assessments by DreamWorks Tree Services for Georgina Residents

Georgina is the largest municipality, geographically, in York Region and it is located on the southeast shore of Lake Simcoe, just one hour north of Toronto.  Although the extension of Highway 404 has provided Georgina residents with direct access to many diverse sources of entertainment in downtown Toronto, their municipality offers a vastly different landscape to that of Toronto’s downtown core due to Georgina’s lakeside living, forested areas, wide open spaces, and sandy beaches.

Consequently, individuals residing in such Georgina communities as Keswick, Pefferlaw, and Sutton/Jackson’s Point, can appreciate the beauty of their region by visiting any number of attractive settings within close proximity to their homes; some of the most popular venues in Georgina consist of the following:

  • Sibbald Point Provincial Park
  • Willow Beach Conservation Area
  • Franklin Beach Conservation Area
  • Keswick Marsh Fish and Bird Sanctuary
  • Duclos Point Provincial Nature Reserve

Residential and commercial property owners in Georgina can also create and appreciate a parallel beauty with their own trees and landscaping courtesy of a free property assessment completed by the qualified specialists from DreamWorks Tree Services.  This complimentary service can provide these property owners with valuable information about their overall tree care and on any specific services that might be helpful in strengthening and/or preserving:

  • Tree health and vitality
  • Curb appeal/property value
  • Tree function (shade; energy efficiency)
  • Matters of safety (personal, home, property)

Interested in maintaining and/or enriching the curb appeal of your residential or commercial property in Georgina?  Call the tree care professionals at DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-924-2627 or Contact us to request a complimentary property assessment by one of our qualified arborists.

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