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Commercial Property Maintenance

Commercial Property Maintenance

Delivering the Curb Appeal that Property Managers Want Throughout the Year

There is much to be said about the influence of outward appearance on the perception of what lies behind that exterior. It is human nature to make quick decisions based on first impressions without taking the time to investigate whether those perceptions are indeed reality, even though more research could lead to alternate and surprising conclusions.

This parallel mindset can be applied to the appearance of a commercial property. People will often associate the inside condition of a residential unit or the quality of any products and services offered by a supplier with how well, or perhaps how poorly, the surrounding property is maintained; in other words, if the exterior has a shabby or unkempt look, they might choose to take their patronage or investment elsewhere.

Commercial Property Maintenancecommercial property maintenance services

When a prospective client or tenant approaches a commercial property or complex, their impressions are regularly influenced by the curb appeal of the grounds – colours, vitality, elegance, and cleanliness – regardless of the season or time of the year. This is where the year-round commercial property maintenance services of DreamWorks Tree Services will prove to be an asset to site managers, customers, and residents alike.

These services include comprehensive tree care and landscape maintenance activities on a weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis, consisting of the following:

  • Weekly Maintenance – grass cutting, trimming, and clean-up
  • Monthly Maintenance – shrub and tree pruning, thatching and aeration
  • Seasonal Maintenance – planting, spring/fall preparation, snow removal

As a result of DreamWorks Tree Services expertise, properties such as the following can reflect the beauty and the benefits of well-maintained trees and grounds throughout the seasonal cycles in Toronto and the GTA:

  • Condominiums


  • Industrial parks

    Industrial parks

  • Office complexes

    Office complexes

  • Apartment complexes

    Apartment complexes

  • Shopping centres/malls

    Shopping centres/malls

  • Townhouse developments

    Townhouse developments

Whether the intention is to encourage patronage, attract new tenants, retain existing tenants, or present a professionally-appealing image to prospective clients/investors, the commercial property maintenance services of DreamWorks Tree Services will deliver the curb appeal that property managers want and need throughout the calendar year.

Professional Tree Care Services to Address Specific Commercial Property Needs

Sometimes, commercial property maintenance will require specific tree care services that are beyond the routine needs of pruning, moisture/nutrition, and collecting fallen leaves.

In some instances, these services can include adding or moving trees for the purposes of improving energy efficiency or creating a windbreak, while other circumstances, such as infestation or disease, may necessitate tree cutting and removal.

DreamWorks Tree Services has the expertise to perform these singular tree care services within their commercial property maintenance programs. The qualified arborists and the trained crews from DreamWorks Tree Services can competently and safely implement the following based on property manager needs and preferences:

Property managers can rest assured that any such tasks will be completely as swiftly and efficiently as possible, with minimal disruption to building occupants, customer traffic, and/or daily business operations.

Interested in comprehensive year-round maintenance and tree care for your commercial property? Call the specialists at DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-924-2627 or Contact us to arrange for a no-obligation consultation at your earliest convenience.

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