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24/7 Emergency Storm Damage Clean-up

24/7 Emergency Storm Damage Clean-up

Emergency Tree Removal and Property Cleanup Services after Storm Damage

For the most part, mature trees are reasonably resilient in nature, able to withstand the types of weather extremes that befall Toronto from one year to the next.  In fact, there are many area homeowners who simply expect the trees in and around their properties to be in their customary places every day, plus or minus their foliage depending on the particular season/time of the year.

Regrettably, there will be instances when these mature trees will surrender to the forces of Mother Nature, and homeowners may subsequently need to deal with the aftermaths of severe and destructive summer or winter storms.  When such tempests have passed, people may awaken and/or look out their windows to find:

  • Major cracks in tree trunks
  • Downed or broken branches
  • Fully or partially uprooted trees
emergency tree service24/7 emergency tree cleanup

Sometimes, harsh storm damage is limited to a tree or trees only, but at other times, it can extend to home and property as well.  In these latter situations, homeowners might face predicaments where toppled trees or downed/broken branches are found:

  • Fallen across vehicles parked in the driveway
  • Leaning against or displacing a brick wall or siding
  • Resting on a collapsed fence, shed, or section of roof
  • Poking through windows, entry doors, or the garage door
  • Blocking the driveway or prohibiting egress from the home

Regardless of the type or extent of the devastation, it is likely that there will be ongoing personal safety risks/issues to be addressed as soon as possible, and that a professional tree service will be needed to determine whether tree removal or tree repairs will be the optimal course of action.  And while it might be tempting, especially due to their sense of urgency, for homeowners to try and resolve these situations on their own, this is work that is better left in the hands of experts, like the team from DreamWorks Tree Services.

DreamWorks Tree Services offers 24/7 emergency tree cleanup/removal services to help homeowners alleviate any immediate safety issues and begin the process of returning to their daily routines quickly and with the minimum amount of inconvenience/disruption as possible. These services can include any or all of the following:

When homeowners need emergency tree cleanup services, a DreamWorks Tree Services crew will respond and be onsite any time of the day to assess and address the damage.

Subsequent to performing these emergency tree cleanup or tree removal services after a major storm, a DreamWorks Tree Services arborist can also assess neighbouring trees on the property in terms of their current level of health and the probability of damage or injury from future storms or harsh weather conditions.

Preventative Tree Care Can Help in Averting Unnecessary Damage after Storms

storm damage cleanupA popular idiom attributed to Benjamin Franklin suggests that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  This essentially means that it is usually better to prevent/avert a potentially negative situation from happening rather than having to pay for any services or repairs after that situation occurs.

From the standpoint of tree care, an analogy can be made to the investment of time and effort in regular tree maintenance, including possible tree removal, instead of suffering the consequences and the expense of extensive home and property damage from severe storms/weather conditions in the future.

Based on a professional assessment by a DreamWorks Tree Services arborist, there are several maintenance options that could be applied or implemented to help prevent future storm-related damage.  Such tree care services consist of:

  • Removal
  • Replanting
  • Crown Shaping
  • Branch Thinning
  • Spur-Free Pruning
  • Cabling and Bracing

To assess the preventative care needs for your mature trees, call the tree care experts from DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-924-2627 or contact us to schedule a consultation with a qualified arborist.

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