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Professional Tree Care and Qualified Arborist Services for the Residents of Oshawa

The capable specialists from DreamWorks Tree Services have been providing professional tree care and tree trimming services for residential and commercial property owners in the City of Oshawa since 1998. The experienced team at DreamWorks Tree Services possesses the levels of knowledge and skill that local property owners need to help maintain the health and beauty of their trees and shrubs and enhance the overall character of their landscaping.

For many property owners, any thoughts of hiring a professional tree care services provider may be limited solely to tree removal; that is, using such a service to cut down a tree after it has succumbed to the after-effects of disease, insect infestation, or storm damage, and/or has in fact died. It is important to note however, that many services offered by tree care specialists are intended to deliver more positive outcomes; these services include restoring or preserving tree health and appearance and augmenting the appearance of a property.

Therefore, when Oshawa property owners want to retain or raise the appeal of the trees and shrubs within their overall landscaping, it would be most prudent to call DreamWorks Tree Services at 647-924-2627 to learn more about their complete range of tree care services.

DreamWorks Offers a Full Range of Tree Care and Tree Removal Services

Professional Tree Services

Commercial Property Maintenance Programs

  • Weekly – grass cutting, edging/trimming, and clean-up
  • Monthly – tree/shrub pruning; lawn aeration and fertilization
  • Seasonal – planting; spring and fall preparation; snow removal

Professional Tree Care Services from a Qualified Arborist

There are several situations for which property owners in Oshawa might require the services of a qualified arborist from DreamWorks Tree Services. These circumstances would include:

  • Tree & stump removal
  • Assessment of tree health
  • Repairs after storm damage
  • Tree planting or transplanting
  • Diagnosis and treatment of disease
  • Diagnosis and treatment of infestation
  • Pruning, trimming, and canopy shaping
  • Nutrition (fertilization; soil maintenance)

A licensed arborist can be a valuable asset in maintaining the health and appeal of the trees and shrubs on a residential and commercial property. The extensive knowledge and skills of these experts can be particularly helpful in ensuring proper tree care when one considers the seasonal weather extremes experienced in Oshawa and across the Durham Region.

No-Obligation Oshawa Property Assessments by DreamWorks Tree Services

Residents of the City of Oshawa enjoy the luxury of close proximity to many diverse sources of entertainment in downtown Toronto, accessible to them by private vehicle or GO Transit, the regional public transit system in Southern Ontario. However, Oshawa has a significantly different landscape to Toronto’s downtown core, due to its extensive parklands and marshes to the south along the Lake Ontario shoreline, and the wide expanse of rural communities to the north such as Columbus and Raglan.

Oshawa also maintains an extensive system of lush parks and trails that offer residents and visitors alike the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature as well as hours of outdoor enjoyment and recreation; the system encompasses 400+ hectares of parkland and over 27 kilometers of trail surfaces to explore, including such options as:

  • Michael Starr Trail
  • Harmony Creek Trail
  • Joseph Kolodzie Bike Path
  • Oshawa Valley Botanical Garden
  • Gold Point Marsh (along Waterfront Trail)

Residential and commercial property owners throughout the City of Oshawa can create and enjoy a similar appeal with their own trees and landscaping, courtesy of a Free Property Assessment & Arborist Report performed by the qualified specialists from DreamWorks Tree Services. This complimentary service can provide property owners with important insights on overall tree care plus any specific services that could be helpful in strengthening and/or sustaining:

  • Tree pruning health and vitality
  • Property value and curb appeal
  • Protection (personal, home, property)
  • Tree function (shade; energy efficiency)

Interested in preserving and/or improving the curb appeal of your residential or commercial property in Oshawa? Call the tree care professionals at DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-924-2627 or Contact us to book a free property assessment by a qualified arborist.

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