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Hedge Trimming & Shrub Care

Proper Hedge Trimming is Required to Maintain Health and Vitality

hedge trimming & shrub careSome homeowners may believe that planting a hedge and/or some shrubs is a good way to add landscaping to their property without the level of care and maintenance required by flower beds or gardens.  Just plant a few cedars along the property line and/or a few bushes in front of the house, give them a quick trimming every so often, and essentially leave them alone to otherwise fend for themselves.

Well, at least a part of that concept is correct; hedges and shrubs can indeed beautify a residential property – but only if they receive the time and attention they need to thrive.

Failure to properly maintain hedges and shrubs can leave them looking scraggly, scruffy, and faded/yellowed; this can give passersby the impression that the entire property, and by association the home, are unsightly and unkempt.  Moreover, hedge trimming that is done incorrectly can actually cause permanent damage, leading to the inconvenience and cost of replacing these bushes or shrubs.

Appropriate and regular hedge trimming and shrub care is vital to ensuring that their growth and any respective blooms remain full, healthy, sturdy and appealing.

Therefore, although pruning and trimming hedges and shrubs are landscaping activities that can be done by home gardeners, it may be advisable to entrust such responsibilities to the professionals from DreamWorks Tree Services in order to ensure and achieve optimal results.

Knowledgeable and Skilled Hedge Trimming and Shrub Care

In most cases, homeowners will trim or prune their hedges/shrubs with electric shears or manually using long-handled clippers. While these may be the common and/or quickest ways to complete the task, such a general approach may not be conducive to the health of the plants in all cases.
Hedge trimming and shrub care should be based on several factors that are specific to the type of bush or shrub, including:

  • Overall health
  • Flowering period
  • Ideal size (in scale with surroundings)
  • Purpose – aesthetics, windbreak, privacy
  • Need to promote growth and blossoms (in general)
  • Need to promote interior growth (sunlight penetration)
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Frequently Asked Questions About Tree & Hedge Trimming

Why Is It Essential to Trim Hedges and Shrubs?

Trimming is crucial to remove the overgrown parts of hedges and shrubs, maintain their health, and ensure aesthetically pleasing results. Also, this procedure helps to control pests and insects.

When is the Best Time to Trim Hedges?

Winter or early spring are typically the best times for hedge trimming services. In addition to this, you may opt for maintenance trimming 1-2 times a year during spring and summer. It is best to trim Deciduous hedges in midwinter and Evergreen hedges in mid-spring to ensure great results.

How are Formal Hedges Different from Informal Hedges?

Formal hedges are usually neater and tightly clipped, whereas informal hedges have a more natural shape and are typically trimmed less frequently to maintain the overall size.

How Frequently Should You Trim Hedges and Shrubs?

The frequency of trimming shrubs and hedges depends on their type. It is beneficial to trim slow-growing plants such as cedar, boxwood, yew, and hemlock at least once a year and clip shrubs a couple of times a year. You can trim privet hedges three times a year to maintain their appearance and ensure proper growth. As a prominent tree trimming service provider, we can help you determine the number of times your plants should be trimmed to promote their overall health.

Do Newly Planted Hedges Need More Care and Maintenance?

Newly planted hedges need more maintenance to ensure proper shape, growth, and longevity, which typically depends on the hedge’s type and density. They require formative pruning for 2-3 years to determine their shape.

At DreamWorks Tree Services, we take all of the above and more into consideration when providing hedge trimming service as well as pruning hedges and shrubs for our customers. Our shrub care experts are skilled and knowledgeable with respect to:

  • Proper trimming techniques
  • Appropriate tools to be used
  • Promoting or preserving health
  • Maintaining size and/or function
  • Best times of the year for trimming
  • Protecting against wind/snow damage
  • Creating/sustaining aesthetics/curb appeal

To help maintain the health, vitality, and appearance of your hedges and/or shrubs, call the experts at DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-924-2627 for more information on our hedge trimming and shrub care services.

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