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Cable & Bracing / Structural Reinforcement

Cabling and Bracing Can Preserve Tree Health and Prevent Potential Damage

The oak tree is commonly used as a symbol or emblem of strength/endurance and it has even been selected as the national tree of several countries including England, Germany, Poland, and the United States. In fact, references to an oak tree are often preceded by the word ‘mighty’.

Of course, the ‘mighty oak’ symbolizes that something is solid, unfailing, or invulnerable. Unfortunately, this perception or imagery is not reality for all species of trees or for trees of all ages. Sometimes, trees need some type of man-made support to help preserve their health and/or protect them from potential damage or injury.

Tree Cabling and Bracingcabling and bracing techniques

There are a number of internal and external factors that can compromise the health or structural integrity of any tree. These factors will include the following:

  • Aging
  • Type of wood
  • Poor structure
  • Weight of branches
  • Lack of care
  • Improper pruning
  • Wind or storm damage
  • Disease/insect infestation

Based on one or more of the above circumstances, trees can demonstrate the following signs that their health or strength is at risk:

  • Broken or sagging branches/boughs
  • Cracks in the trunk/at branch junctions
  • Partially uplifted roots near ground level
  • Listing to one side (uneven weight distribution)
  • Swaying during high winds (top-heavy crowns)
  • Creaking/cracking sounds under weighty snow/ice

When such situations exist or become evident, a professional tree services provider like DreamWorks Tree Services can apply cabling and bracing techniques for purposes of tree health preservation and/or damage prevention. The utilization of one method versus the other can be delineated as follows:

  • Commonly used in the canopy of tree
  • Steel cables are installed between major branches
  • Structural stress is redistributed among these branches
  • Helps reduce potential damage from severe weather conditions
  • Most often applied in the lower portions of a tree
  • Solid steel rods are inserted above/below damaged areas
  • Helps fasten/secure cracks in the trunk or at branch junctions
  • This method is customarily accompanied by the use of cabling

It is important to keep in mind that cabling and bracing should only be applied when it is determined that the tree is healthy and can indeed benefit from such structural reinforcement moving forward.

The Cobra Tree Bracing System is Designed to Protect Tree Health

Cobra Tree Bracing Services in TorontoCobra tree bracing is a unique and dynamic structural reinforcement technique used to offer support for trees. It is designed to be shock-absorbing and flexible, helping to enhance tree health without causing any damage.

The Cobra Bracing System has the following advantages:
  • It is safe, easy to use and requires no drilling.
  • If installed according to the specifications, it can last for up to twelve years.
  • This tree bracing system can be easily crafted on site.
  • It enables the trees to stretch and grow, thus allowing free movement and promoting their overall health.
  • It helps the trees to remain intact even during high winds.
Cobra Tree Bracing is available in two types:
  • The Mini System – Usually used for fruit trees or orchards and to direct young trees into their proper form.
  • The Standard System – Mostly used to avoid excess movement, prevent the failure of weak limb unions, and to maintain the structural integrity of the trees. It is also used for guying big transplants.
Cabling & Cobra Tree Bracing Can Help Ensure Better Tree Health

There are ultimately three prime reasons for the use of cabling, bracing and the cobra tree bracing techniques to reinforce or fortify a tree:

  • Damage Mitigation
  • Damage Prevention
  • Restoring Structural Integrity

The decision on the potential effectiveness of either or both of these methods is best left to the discretion of a qualified arborist. These trained professionals can help determine if these are viable options or whether the health/integrity of the tree has been compromised to the point where that tree should be removed. If their decision favours cabling, bracing or using the Cobra System, the arborist can also provide the required services for you.

If you suspect that the health or structural integrity of the trees on your property have been compromised, call the tree care professionals from DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-924-2627 to arrange for a free consultation with a qualified arborist.

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