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Permit Applications

Permit Applications

Expert Tree Removal Services in Advance of a New Tree Planting or Transplant

Sometimes, a new tree planting or tree transplant will be in response to a tree removal; this tree removal could have resulted from disease, insect infestation, or the death of the tree, and its replacement may require a permit as mandated by a City of Toronto by-law. (see tree removal for additional information)

Under such circumstances, property owners can once again rely on the skills/expertise of DreamWorks Tree Services. These knowledgeable arborists can manage the process for property owners from start to finish, including:

  • Tree assessment
  • Recommendations
  • Acquisition of permits
  • Tree and stump removal
  • Tree planting/transplanting

Based on their implementation of the above services, these professionals can ensure the appropriate, safe, and complete removal of any trees, as well as enhance the probability that freshly-planted or transplanted trees will thrive in their new locations.

For additional information on the complete range of tree services offered by the qualified arborists from DreamWorks Tree Services, including insight on the best time to plant or transplant trees, see Complete Tree Services

If you are considering planting or transplanting trees on your property, take advantage of the knowledge and skills of a qualified arborist to ensure that those trees are given the best opportunity to take, grow, and thrive. Call the specialists from DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-793-8903 or contact us to discuss how our tree planting and transplant services can best serve your needs and those of your trees.

The Best Time to Plant or Transplant a Tree

Spring Weather Conditions Are Ideal for New Tree Planting or a Tree Transplant

If truth be told, the majority of residential and commercial property owners will probably admit that they take their trees for granted. Other than raking/collecting the leaves that drop in the fall, the trees on their property will typically receive much less attention than the lawn and any gardens; oh, the trees are there alright, but just less conspicuous than any of the growth at ground level.

But should the opposite not be true? Would it not be appropriate to appreciate the value that trees can offer a property and its owner? Let’s face it – trees can serve any number of purposes, including:

  • Shade
  • Snow/wind breaks
  • Privacy
  • Energy conservation
  • Protection
  • Air quality improvement
  • Curb appeal

With such benefits now established, and keeping them in mind, this adds an entirely new dynamic when homeowners or business owners are contemplating planting new trees or perhaps a tree transplant on their properties. Rather than just randomly placing trees in open areas, property owners must take into consideration what to plant, where to plant, and why to plant, depending on the specific outcome or outcomes they wish to achieve.

Fortunately, any questions they might have relative to the what-where-and-why of tree planting or tree transplanting can be competently and confidently addressed by speaking with a professional tree services provider like DreamWorks Tree Services. The qualified arborists from DreamWorks Tree Services can recommend the species of tree, as well as the ideal location to plant it on the property, in order to produce the desired effect.

Furthermore, these professionals can answer another rather important question relative to tree planting and transplanting services – when. Without this critical consideration of when to plant or transplant trees, the time and money invested in what-where-and-why will be for naught unless the trees are given the highest probability to grow and flourish.

In Toronto and throughout Southern Ontario, the best time to plant or transplant trees is in the spring; several factors support such activities at this time of the year, including:

  • The spring offers maximum growing time before a tree’s first winter
  • Temperatures during the spring season are milder and more tolerable
  • Spring rainfall complements/supports the importance of watering the trees
  • The excessive heat of the summer season can subject new trees to damage
  • The frozen soil during the winter can inhibit root growth and access to water

Now that spring weather conditions have returned to the Greater Toronto Area, the best time to plant and transplant trees is here as well; for homeowners and property owners looking to add or move trees in order to capitalize on the various benefits they can offer, the qualified arborists at DreamWorks Tree Services are available to provide their expert tree planting and transplanting services.

Visit tree planting for further information on the tree planting and tree transplanting services offered by DreamWorks Tree Services.

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