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7 Steps to Prepare Your Trees & Provide Winter Protection

Winter Tree Protection is Essential to Preserve the Health of Your Trees

With the cold winter season approaching us, it is the ideal time to save your trees and plants from the wrath of declining temperature and frigid atmosphere. When the amount of available daylight grows shorter, it is an indication that you need to prepare your trees for the severe winter weather.

Keeping Trees Healthy and Strong During Winter

Here are a few tips to provide adequate winter tree protection:

  • Tree Removal

    If you find any trees and plants that may pose a threat to people and property, you must take the required steps for the removal of it. Here are a few tree removal tips to ensure safety:

    • Examine the tree adequately to determine if removal is the last resort.
    • Ensure that you have the right equipment to do the job and read all the instructions about using it correctly.
    • Make sure that you know what you are doing, or you could end up in a worse situation, causing more damage to you and the surrounding area.
    • If you are not sure about the tree removal process, do not hesitate to call for the assistance of qualified arborists.
  • Fertilize

    Properly fertilize your trees and shrubs as this will help them thrive in the cold winter weather. It will provide them with much-needed nutrients, helping them improve their resistance to injury or damage from insects, diseases, and extreme climate. You could also opt for soil tests to get a clear picture of what nutrients the trees require.

  • Tree Cabling & Bracing

    Cabling and bracing help give your trees the required support by reducing stress, strain and damage due to excess snow or ice and high winds in winter, thereby preventing their branches from breaking. It will enhance their ability to endure severe weather and improve their longevity.

  • Proper Tree Pruning

    Tree pruning is one of the best ways to tackle the diseased or unsafe branches before the onset of winter. It is also an ideal way to give proper shape and structure to your trees in order to enhance the aesthetic appeal. You must, however, be careful not to injure the healthy parts of the tree while pruning.

  • Inspect the Plants for Snow Damage

    Proper tree care service includes inspecting your vegetation for damage due to snow and ice. Look for the weak limbs or branches that may not withstand the weight of snow and take the necessary steps in the form of pruning, cabling, bracing, and wrapping trees in burlap to protect them.

  • Inspect the Trees for Diseases

    Watch out for diseases and pests, such as beetles, mites, emerald ash borers, and lace bugs. Look at the plant health care options available in the form of insect and disease management so that you can treat the issue and help them prepare for the cold weather.

  • Improve Drainage Around Trees

    Susceptible trees may suffer less winter injury when the soil is well-drained. So, take the required steps to improve drainage around your plants and shrubs and also adjust the grade.

Contact Our Experts for Emergency Tree Services

Winter Tree ProtectionAt DreamWorks Tree Services we know the importance of preparing your trees and plants to help them stand up to the harsh winter weather. We have qualified arborists in Markham and other regions in the GTA who have the knowledge and expertise to prepare your trees for winter seasons.

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