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Consult A Tree Planting Service To Choose The Proper Shade Trees

Many people eagerly anticipate the arrival of summer so they may enjoy spending time outdoors with their families, friends, and pets. Included among the leisure activities that can be pursued is the simple pleasure of relaxation in the privacy of one’s own property, perhaps defined by time spent in the pool, the garden, or just sitting on the deck/patio.

But summer weather in Toronto and the GTA can get quite hot and humid, and the lack of shade trees on a property can suppress or perhaps even prohibit the enjoyment that can be derived from many outdoor pastimes. In such circumstances, the knowledge and expertise of a tree planting service may provide a welcome solution.

Although shade trees are aptly named for their primary function, they offer several other important advantages as well. These would include:

  • Protection from the sun for adults, children, and pets
  • A line of defence against possible storm damage
  • Energy efficiency (reduction of air conditioning costs)
  • A home and shelter for various wildlife
  • A dimension of aesthetic appeal to the property

However, despite such benefits, how will homeowners know which shade trees may be best for their specific properties? Consulting with a tree planting service such as DreamWorks Tree Services can certainly provide the perspective needed to make the right choices in satisfying homeowner needs and preferences.

Aspects Of Your Property To Discuss With A Tree Planting Service

To make the most informed decisions about shade trees, there are many aspects relative to your property that should be considered and reviewed with our tree planting experts. These considerations consist of:

  • Exposure – south, east, and west provide the best shade opportunities
  • Property size – surface area available for optimal spacing of shade trees
  • Potential impediments – pool, patio, walkways/driveway, overhead wires
  • Soil conditions – can influence or restrict the selection of tree types
  • Curb appeal – what are the desired effects (colour, foliage, fruit bearing)?

When the above features have ultimately been determined, we can recommend the specific type or types of shade trees that will best suit your home and property.

Shade Tree Planting Options For Your Property

While it may almost seem too obvious, in a broader sense, it will be important to choose shade trees that are native to the area i.e.: trees that can withstand the harsh winters as well as the seasonal weather extremes in this region.

With this in mind, you can call upon DreamWorks Tree Services to assist in creating the shade you want and/or need for your property through the following, albeit incomplete, selection of trees:

  • White or mountain ash
  • Eastern red or eastern white cedar
  • Black or choke cherry
  • White or slippery elm
  • Hickory (several species)
  • Sugar, red, or Norway maple
  • Oak (several species)
  • Red or eastern white pine
  • Canada or American plum
  • Red or white spruce

If you are looking for assistance with tree planting or other services, call the tree professionals at DreamWorks Tree Services today at either 647-924-2627 or 1-800-407-9917 or contact us to begin the process of adding shade to your property.

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