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Techniques to Remove Tree Stumps

Removing a stump is essential to ensure safety, improve the appearance of your property, and prevent pest infestation. For tree and stump removal, it helps to use professional services. Although the cost of stump removal depends on many factors such as the method used and the number of stumps to be removed, it can ensure the safety of people working on the property. There are five stump removal methods that are the most widely practiced today.

5 Common Tree Stump Removal Techniques

  • Stump Grinding

    For homeowners who are looking for ways to remove a stump in a fast and efficient way, grinding is the perfect technique. A stump grinder can help you dig up to 18 inches deep into the ground and get rid of the trunk and roots. In addition to removing the stump, it also helps to turn the wood into composting material. Although you can rent a grinder from a home-improvement store, it is advised that you call the experts to do the job. They have the knowledge to handle the equipment and experience to prevent any mishaps.

  • Burning the Stump

    People often choose to burn the remaining portion of the tree after cutting it down. When considering this method, you must, however, remember that it is less eco-friendly.

  • Removing a Stump by Hand

    Homeowners may also use a chainsaw, a shovel, and an axe to remove tree stumps by hand. You can use this method for stump removal if you have a small or old, diseased tree on your property. You can start by digging the base to expose the roots. Then use an axe to cut off the roots till the trunk gets uprooted completely.

  • Rot the Tree Stump

    The natural rotting technique of stump removal is similar to the burning method. You must make holes in the stump and fill it with a high-nitrogen element that aids in decomposition, then pour water into the holes and start chipping off pieces as they begin to rot. Fill the space with soil after removing the remaining parts of the tree. This method can take more time as compared to other techniques to remove the stumps completely.

  • Chemical Method

    Before considering a chemical for tree and stump removal, be sure to research the environmental hazards and legal restrictions associated with it. This process may be better left to the professionals as they will have the access and knowledge to obtain and use these chemicals safely.

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