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When is the Best Time to Prune Trees and Shrubs

Appropriately Applied Tree Mulch Offers Functional and Decorative Benefits

When homeowners are asked to reflect upon factors they deem to be most important in maintaining the health and curb appeal of the trees situated on their property, it should not be a surprise if watering and pruning topped a majority of their response lists. Since these are the two tree care actions that most property owners will typically employ, it stands to reason that they would hold positions of priority.

Yet in the same vein that watering and pruning consistently rank high, there is one other practice that tends to be an afterthought, usually requiring a reminder before it receives the attention it deserves – the application of tree mulch.

Tree mulch provides a unique dimension to tree care in that it serves both functional and decorative purposes. Some of the important benefits that can be derived from spreading mulch around the base of a tree would include:

  • Conserving moisture in the soil
  • Providing insulation for tree roots
  • Improving soil structure and fertility
  • Preventing soil erosion and water runoff
  • Reducing root competition for water/nutrients
  • Aesthetic appeal – choice of colours and textures

And there is certainly no shortage relative to the types of tree mulch that can be applied:

  • Peat moss
  • Animal manure
  • Mushroom compost
  • Dried grass clippings
  • Pine needles or boughs
  • Hardwood bark or chips
  • Shredded or composted leaves

Regardless of the type of mulch selected, its benefits can be negated and tree health can actually be adversely affected if that mulch is not distributed in the appropriate fashion. Thus, for property owners interested in knowing how to mulch trees properly, the team from DreamWorks Tree Services suggests the following steps (do’s and don’ts):

  • Spread to a depth of 3-4 inches – under trees and shrubs and through flower beds
  • Pull mulch 2-3 inches away from the bases of tree and shrub trunks (create a gap)
  • Do not pile mulch in a volcano shape against the trunks; invites pests, disease, rot
  • Extend the area of mulch to the outer edge (the drip line) of the longest tree limbs

Property owners who are uncertain about how to properly mulch trees and who want to ensure that these steps are performed appropriately and not in a potentially detrimental manner may opt to call upon the skills and expertise of a professional tree care service provider like DreamWorks Tree Services to deliver and apply tree mulch on their behalf.

A Layer of Natural Wood Chips as Mulch Offers Many Benefits for Trees and Soil

One of the by-products of a tree cutting service is the accumulation of a sizable amount of natural wood chips, especially if the removal process includes stump grinding and/or chipping of several small branches. However, rather than discarding these wood chips in landfill sites, they can be used to advantage as tree and flower bed mulch for residential and commercial properties.

Spreading layers of wood chips offers the wide variety of benefits noted above, for both the trees and the soil, while requiring minimal effort on the part of the property owner. Within a few months of spreading a layer of wood chips appropriately around tree bases and through flowers beds, the mulch should produce a noticeable improvement in the appearance and the fertility of the soil while simultaneously helping to sustain the health and vitality of the trees and plants.

For additional information on the benefits of natural wood chips as tree mulch and/or for professional insight and support on how to properly mulch your trees, call the tree care specialists from DreamWorks Tree Services at 647-793-8903 today or contact us to arrange a consultation at your convenience.

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