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A Toronto Arborist Can Identify And Treat Freeze-And-Thaw Damage To Trees

As pleasant as a winter landscape may appear from inside the comfort of one’s home, there may be some damage taking place behind and/or under that scene. In particular, trees and shrubs may be experiencing significant harm from the effects of freeze-and-thaw cycles throughout the winter months in Toronto.

An arborist is acutely aware that repeated exposure to fluctuations in temperature can make trees susceptible to varying degrees of damage. Similar to several other types of materials, tree bark and roots will contract in the cold and expand when temperatures get warmer. When subjected to this contraction-expansion cycle on a regular or even a semi-regular basis, trees can experience these common types of damage or injury:

Frost heaving
  • Surface soil thaws/expands during the day and refreezes/contracts at night
  • This can cause the soil to shift and/or crack
Frost cracking (or bark splitting)
  • Bark warms/expands during the day, primarily on south/southwest exposures
  • Outer layers of bark cool/contract faster than inner layers as temperatures fall
  • This leads to vertical cracks in the outer bark

Evidence of the following may be indicative that these forms of damage have occurred, and property owners may in turn require the services of an arborist in Toronto, like DreamWorks Tree Services, to address any/all resulting fallout:

  • Decay fungus
  • Borer insects
  • Uprooting/tilting
  • Broken roots
  • Pot holes
    • Access for small mammals/rodents
    • Potential for root decay/damage

In addition, our Toronto arborists will advise about inspecting/paying particular attention to trees and plants that are generally more vulnerable to frost heaving or frost cracking. These may include:

  • Trees with thinner trunks – require less time to warm and cool
  • Young or recently-planted trees
  • Single or solitary trees – more exposed/less protected
  • Trees with darker coloured bark – attract sun rays; warm faster
  • Most shrubs – greater risk of root-related damage

If property owners suspect that their trees may be subject to and/or injured by freeze-and-thaw damage over the coming winter, they may wish to seek the professional advice of an arborist to take preventative or corrective measures accordingly.

Consider The Expertise Of A Qualified Arborist For Seasonal Tree Care

Along with addressing any/all of the fallout from freeze-and-thaw damage, a qualified arborist may be a valuable asset in maintaining the health and aesthetic appeal of trees on your property. The insight/experience of such a professional can be particularly beneficial in providing expert tree care throughout the seasonal weather extremes in Toronto and the surrounding area.

Arborist services available through DreamWorks Tree Services extend across various areas of specialty, including:

For any and all questions relating to seasonal tree care in Toronto and the GTA, call our qualified arborists at DreamWorks Tree Services today at either 647-924-2627 or 1-800-407-9917 or contact us to schedule your free consultation.

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