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Strategic Tree Planting Can Help Conserve Energy Usage In Summer And Winter

When the topic of conversation is energy conservation, thoughts may naturally turn to actions that might be taken inside the home, such as different ways and means to better seal windows and doors to prevent heat loss or perhaps adjusting the thermostat to save heating/cooling costs when family members are not present.

While the above and other energy-saving measures can be effective in reducing related costs, another contributor to energy conservation that might frequently be overlooked is strategic tree planting about the property. Yes, well-coordinated tree planting can help save energy, and hence save energy costs, during the summer and winter seasons.

Tree planting essentially saves energy consumption and costs in these ways:

Providing shade during the summer

  • Helps keep the home cooler
  • Reduces demand on the air conditioning system

Acting as a windbreak or living snow-fence in the winter

  • Blocking and/or re-directing cold winds from the home
  • Reduces demand on the heating system

This natural cost-saving ‘service’ can be help reduce energy consumption further during seasonally-defined peak usage hours for homeowners who are billed for their energy use through smart-meter technology.

From a broader perspective, and in addition to seasonality, the effectiveness of strategic tree planting will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Types of trees
  • Height of the trees
  • Positioning of the trees
  • Prevailing wind direction
  • Type of property (rural, urban, commercial)

When considered from a detailed standpoint, there are several decisions and actions that property owners can make and/or take to gain the maximum effect in their efforts to conserve energy throughout the summer and winter:

Tree planting for summer energy conservation

  • Plant deciduous trees (elm, oak) on the east or west side of the home
  • Smaller deciduous trees are good choices for northwest/northeast sides
  • Taller trees with broad crowns are best on southeast-to-southwest faces
  • Plant smaller trees 3 to 4 meters away from the home
  • Plant larger/taller trees between 3 and 10 meters away
  • Trees that lose leaves also let through heat from the sun during winter

Tree planting for winter energy conservation

  • Choose coniferous trees with branches that grow low to the ground
  • Plant evergreens/cedars on west, northwest, and north sides of home
  • For urban properties, plant trees 3 to 4 meters from the home
  • For rural properties, plant trees between 10 and 15 meters away
  • Trees rows should be densely planted (to block wind and snow)
  • Bushes/shrubs by the home also offer insulation (winter and summer)

Species selection and strategic planting are critically important to the success of such an energy conservation undertaking. To ensure that these key elements are implemented properly and effectively, property owners would be well advised to seek the insight and expertise of a professional tree planting service, like DreamWorks Tree Services, before embarking on this type of project. Use A Professional Tree Planting Service For Optimal Planning And Implementation

Moving forward with a strategic tree planting initiative will entail a number of integral steps and/or decisions. Capitalizing on the range of skills and experience provided by a professional tree service like DreamWorks can help property owners in successfully implementing every possible stage of the process, such as:

If you would like to learn more about a strategic tree planting initiative as a means to lowering energy consumption throughout the year, call the specialists at DreamWorks Tree Services today at either 647-924-2627 or 1-800-407-9917 or contact us to book your free consultation.

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