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Common Commercial Property Tree Care Mistakes

Common Tree Care Mistakes that Affect Curb Appeal of Commercial Properties

It is quite common for people to make decisions on the basis of first impressions; though it would likely be more advantageous and infinitely more accurate to invest some time in gathering detailed information and background before formulating an opinion or position, many individuals still prefer to make judgements in what amounts to the blink of an eye.

There is of course inherent risks in such a practice, typified by such common expressions as ‘appearances can be deceiving’ and ‘one should not judge a book by its cover’. But it is also likely that the habitual application of this first-impressions syndrome will remain a part of society for generations to come; after all, it is easier to make decisions based on personal bias and perception rather than solid evidence and facts.

So what does all of this mean for commercial property managers and owners? Basically, it is the affirmation, or perhaps the reaffirmation, that potential customers, tenants, and partners will often associate the exterior appearance of a commercial property with the quality of the products, services, or facilities housed within; in other words, if the outside is shabby or unkempt, people may choose to take their respective business elsewhere.

Consequently, it is imperative that commercial properties be maintained in a fashion that is conducive to attracting patrons etc. to the premises instead of turning them off, in a manner of speaking. And one of the landscaping features that can influence a person’s first impression is the health of any trees; people might not see a cracked sidewalk or a stained window ledge from the street, but they can clearly tell how healthy the trees are on a commercial property from that vantage point.

There are several factors that can negatively affect tree health and thus the curb appeal of a commercial property. And despite the best of intentions to create, maintain, and/or enhance this appeal, here are the most common tree care mistakes made by commercial property owners/managers:

  • Poor or improper pruning – can cause permanent injury to trees
  • Incorrect planting – too deep into the ground or too close together
  • Excessive mulch – it may look impressive, but it can harm tree bark
  • Ineffective watering – too much or not enough for the types of trees
  • Careless operation of machinery – can result in wounds and scarring

These types of tree care mistakes and other less-frequent issues can be avoided through the use of professional tree services providers such as the team from DreamWorks Tree Services. Whether the objective is to increase onsite traffic, attract new tenants, retain existing occupants, or present an appealing image to any and all visitors, the insight and expertise of DreamWorks Tree Services can enhance the look and appeal of the trees on any commercial property.

Expert Tree Care Services to Meet the Specific Needs of Commercial Properties

Common Commercial Property Tree Care MistakesDreamWorks Tree Services has the levels of knowledge and proficiency necessary to help commercial property owners/managers in maintaining the health and appeal of the trees on their grounds throughout the calendar year; the range of commercial properties that can be entrusted to the DreamWorks Tree Services experts includes but is not limited to:

  • Office buildings
  • Industrial complexes
  • Shopping centres/malls
  • Apartments/condominiums
  • Municipal/recreational facilities

The qualified arborists and trained crews from DreamWorks Tree Services have the skills and experience to provide a wide range of tree care services based on the specific needs of the commercial property and/or the preferences of the property owner/manager; such services may consist of the following:

  • Spur-free pruning
  • Cabling and bracing
  • Planting/transplanting
  • Tree and stump removal
  • Soil aeration and fertilization
  • Hedge trimming and shrub care
  • Diagnosis and treatment of disease

Property managers/owners can rest assured that any/all tree care services will be done quickly and efficiently, with little disruption to tenants, client traffic, and daily operations.

To avoid potentially harmful and costly tree care mistakes for your commercial property, call the qualified specialists from DreamWorks Tree Services at 647-793-8903 today or contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation at your convenience.

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