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How Cabling and Bracing Your Trees Can Save You Money

How Can Cabling and Bracing Your Trees Save You Money?

A tree’s health may deteriorate over time because of many factors. Storms, wind, and even its growth pattern, such as the “V” shape or developing long and heavy limbs, may affect its structural integrity and overall well-being. Tree cabling and bracing can help ensure your tree’s health and appearance and save you money when it comes to tree care.

Generally, cabling is suitable for extra support within the canopy. An arborist will install cables, often made of steel, between major branches for added support. Doing so helps to redistribute the stress points of the tree and safeguards it from potential damage caused by severe weather.

Bracing is ideal for the lower half of the tree and involves using solid steel rods. They are placed above and below any area of damage to help repair the tree and assist with fastening and securing cracks in the trunk or where branches diverge. Usually, arborists recommend both bracing and cabling for added security.

It helps to know that cabling and bracing are viable options only for:

  • Trees that are otherwise healthy and can recover with the assistance of additional support
  • Plants that need some encouragement to promote their growth have no current damage.

Trees that Benefit Most from Cabling and Bracing

benefits of cabling

Trees that have multiple or split trunks or wide, open canopies often benefit the most from cabling and bracing. This includes oak, birch, ash, and elm.

Look for any of the following signs to determine if your tree needs cabling and bracing:

Storm Damage

Tree cabling and bracing can help plants that experienced storm damage. They allow the tree to heal by restricting movement in windy weather. If a branch splits due to severe weather, cables and braces can hold the damaged portions together, preventing limb failure.

Overextended Limbs

Limbs or branches of a tree may grow much larger and longer than the trunk can bear. Old, mature trees often struggle with overextended limbs. Cabling can help restrict the movement of an overextended branch, reducing its possibility of breaking off. Arborists often use bracing with cabling to offer support to such overgrown branches.

Weak Sections

Older trees may develop splits, cracks, or weakened sections that could fail in the future. Moreover, if a tree is near a structure or public area, a falling branch can cause physical and property damage. Bracing is ideal for repairing splits or preventing weak limbs from breaking off, and cabling offers extra support to the tree.

Severe Lean

Trees often develop a natural lean over time because of the following reasons:

  • Adapt to the changing environment
  • Gain more exposure to the sunlight
  • Cope with soil erosion
  • Deal with the consequences of a storm

However, if it grows too close to your home, it can be dangerous for the people on the property. In such cases, tree cabling and bracing are beneficial.

A V-Crotch Stem

According to arborists, a v-crotch stem occurs when two large limbs originate from the same trunk. Since they have little tissue for support, there is an increased risk of failure, especially in harsh weather conditions. Cabling and bracing can help support the v-crotch stem, preventing breakage. Although you can safely prune them without harming a young tree, trimming mature trees may cause more damage.

3 Benefits of Cabling and Bracing

Encourages the Long-Term Health of your Trees

Protecting your trees with braces and cables helps prolong their health and lifespan. This way, you can save money that may have been needed to remove, repair, or replace those trees. By cabling and bracing your trees, you can safeguard their structural integrity and stability, giving them the ability to flourish for many years.

Reduces the Risk of Property Damage and Personal Injury

A weakened or damaged tree can potentially damage your property and your neighbours’ assets, including vehicles, businesses, homes, fences, and power lines. During storms, the risk increases as strong winds, ice, and heavy snowfall further strain the injured tree, increasing the likelihood of breakage. You may be responsible for the costs associated with the repair. Engaging in preventative measures before your tree suffers damage will save you from this financial burden in the future.

Lowers Future Costs for Energy

A healthy, strong, and secure tree will mature into a large one capable of providing shade on the property. It will help reduce the overall cooling costs for homes and commercial properties during summer. In addition to offering shade, mature, beautiful trees increase the property value if you plan to sell your home in the future.

Cabling and Bracing Can Protect Trees Against Storm Damage

The winter season is well-known for producing harsh and nasty weather conditions with high winds, heavy snowfalls, sleet and freezing rain. This is not only in stark contrast to the idyllic sights during these months, but it can also be particularly threatening to people, pets, property, and trees.

It is best to ensure that your trees are well-protected against the potentially damaging effects of winter storms. A preventive tree care routine may begin with an inspection to evaluate tree health and identify any signs of possible structural damage.

Indicators of Impending Tree Problems

  • Soft or fleshy patches of wood
  • Cracks in the trunk and at junctions
  • Broken, cracked, or sagging limbs
  • Partial uprooting or exposure of roots
  • Signs of disease or insect infestation
  • Uneven weight distribution (leaning or tilting)
  • Crossed branches that rub together

A qualified arborist from DreamWorks Tree Services can inspect your trees. Based on the severity of the damages or the extent of any identified risks, we can determine the optimal solution to provide the best safety margin for you, your family, and your property. We will ensure the trees have sufficient strength and structural integrity to prevent winter storm damage and preserve their health.

Other Ways to Protect Your Trees from Winter Damage

Cabling and bracing are just one part of our overall winter tree care service. We can help in the following ways:

  • Damage Mitigation – to reduce the potential for personal injury and property damage
  • Damage Prevention – to safeguard trees against stress damage/injury due to storms
  • Structural Restoration – fortifying tree integrity by repairing existing problems

In addition to this, there are other types of protective tree care measures that Toronto homeowners can use to prepare their trees for the growing season. This include:

  • Delicate pruning of dead, diseased, or decaying wood/limbs
  • Spreading mulch around the base (but not abutting the trunk)
  • Burlap wrapping or shielding young trees to guard against damage
  • Adding a fertilizer that promotes root growth but not leaf growth
  • Watering the roots (until ground freezes) to avoid winter drought

Hire Us for Tree Cabling and Bracing Services

Saving money, being safe, and keeping your property healthy is essential, and our qualified team is dedicated to helping you. We offer extensive support and reliable solutions to protect your trees’ health.

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