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How to Deep Root Fertilize Trees as a Part of Tree Care?

Fertilizing is an essential part of tree care because it provides your trees with nutrients, making them healthier and better prepared to withstand extreme conditions. However, it takes time for surface fertilization to reach their roots, which is why deep root fertilization is a more reliable option. Read on to learn more about this method of fertilizing.

Signs that Indicate Your Trees Need Fertilization

  • Improper Growth of New Shoots

    If the new shoots have not reached the mark of 6 inches, you should know that the tree may not be getting enough nutrients. Fertilizing can help maintain its health and promote overall growth.

  • Yellowing Leaves

    Trees that are struggling to grow often show indications of stress in the form of yellow leaves. It helps to pay attention to the colour of the leaves to ensure they are getting enough nutrients.

  • Visible Decay

    Pest attacks and diseases can also lead to dieback, which is why it is essential to inspect the trees on your property so you can spot the signs of infestation.

Keep an eye out for these signs if any of the following criteria apply to you:

  • You live in a suburb or city
  • Your plants are not native to your area
  • You purchased your trees from a nursery
  • You have the habit of removing leaf litter before it breaks down

What is Deep Root Fertilization?

What is Deep Root Fertilization & How Does It Work?Deep root tree fertilization is a tree care routine that involves fertilizing the plants using a liquid fertilizer soil injection. It is an excellent way to ensure your plants get adequate nutrients while aerating the soil. This is especially necessary for cities because the soil in the suburbs is often not nutrient-rich.

For deep root fertilization, it helps to work with professionals who provide reliable tree care service. They will inspect your trees and use tree injection equipment accordingly to inject the liquid fertilizer. They will insert it around 6 to 8 inches below the soil surface to ensure the roots get a proper amount of nutrients.

When Should You Perform Deep Root Fertilization?

The best time of the year for deep root fertilization is during the spring months. This is because the roots absorb nutrients from the soil and use them to enhance the overall health of the plants by helping them resist diseases and develop roots, in addition to feeding new growth.

Summertime and winter months are not a good time for deep root fertilization, especially if the trees are recovering from health issues or drought. Also, newly planted trees do not benefit from this fertilization method because they need time to develop an extensive root system so they can absorb the nutrients properly.

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