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How to Keep Your Trees Healthy Year-Round

Tree Care Experts Can Help Property Owners Maintain Year-Round Tree Health

There is something special, almost majestic in nature, about properties that boast one or more trees. In addition to the curb appeal offered by their foliage from spring through fall, trees also provide protection from the sun, cool shade during the heat and humidity of summer, and a sanctuary for various species of wildlife; even while standing dormant throughout the winter, snow sitting on bare branches can present a rather pretty picture.

Of course, these images are contingent on the state or the degree of tree health; when a tree is experiencing any health problems, its appearance can actually detract from the beauty of a property and reflect poorly on the home or business that sits on the lot. And although trees can be quite robust and capable of maintaining their own health to a large extent, they still have fundamental needs that must be satisfied either through natural sources or by human intervention.

So what do trees need to be healthy? From a global viewpoint, trees need the following:

  • Sufficient water
  • Adequate sunlight
  • Appropriate pruning
  • Fertilizer and nutrients
  • Soil aeration/oxygenation of roots

Looking at these needs in somewhat greater depth, property owners interested in how to take proper care of their trees, and their plants too, may want to implement these steps, as their tree maintenance guide to healthy trees for life, in a manner of speaking:

  • Water regularly deep into roots – base watering on recent rainfall and soil condition
  • To keep soil moist, spread layer of mulch around base (keep 2-4 inches from trunk)
  • Make sure that pruning/trimming is done at the proper time of year for tree species
  • Habitually inspect for disease, insect infestation, and damage (address immediately)
  • Remove dead/diseased wood or limbs should any such related health problems arise
  • Thin out interior branches to allow better sunlight penetration and increased air flow
  • Aerate soil area inside span/drip line of tree limbs (allows water/oxygen penetration)
  • Leave enough space between trees and/or shrubs to lessen competition for nutrients
  • Use care when power mowing or line trimming the lawn – avoid cutting into the bark
  • Protect younger trees over the winter using burlap wrap or a snow fence/windscreen
  • Abstain from parking vehicles/heavy machines under trees (to avert soil compaction)
  • Refrain from digging/excavating within drip line of the branches (avoid root damage)

While many of these tree care steps are pre-emptive in nature and can be carried out by the property owner or a caretaker, other activities such as pruning, branch thinning, and the removal of any dead or diseased wood should be perhaps delegated to skilled tree services providers like the professionals at DreamWorks Tree Services. Moreover, in the case of an unhealthy tree, these experts have the knowledge and experience to conduct a thorough tree health assessment and, if the tree can be saved, offer recommendations on how to make the tree healthy again.

A Comprehensive Range of Tree Care Services Provided by Qualified Arborists

How to Keep Your Trees Healthy Year-RoundFor many homeowners or business owners, particularly those who have mature trees on their respective properties, tree care can be a very time-consuming responsibility; yet to maintain curb appeal and property value, and to avoid the potentially substantial costs of removing dead, dying, or unhealthy trees, the appropriate investment of time and effort in tree care is just as important as maintaining the lawn, the balance of the landscaping, and the exterior of the building.

Under these types of circumstances, property owners may benefit from a comprehensive range of tree care services available through the qualified arborists at DreamWorks Tree Services. These skilled professionals have the capabilities to provide year-round support based on property owner needs, personal preferences, and species of tree.

The scope of their services includes but is not limited to:

  • Tree planting
  • Spur-free pruning
  • Tree/stump removal
  • Cabling and/or bracing
  • Tree health assessments
  • Soil aeration and fertilization

To ensure the year-round health and vitality of your trees, call the tree care specialists from DreamWorks Tree Services at 647-793-8903 today or contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation on the tree care services that best meet your specific needs.

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