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A Checklist for Tree Care Services in the Spring

Consider Our Spring Tree Services to Aid the Health and Vitality of Your Trees

Many homeowners use the arrival of the spring season as a benchmark for maintenance activities. This is the time of year when they may schedule such services as tune-ups for their vehicle, lawnmower, air conditioning system, and overhead garage door.

Spring is also that time of year when property owners can be seen busily readying their lawns and gardens for the coming growing seasons. In such cases, these activities may include fertilizing and top dressing their lawn, cleaning out and turning over flower beds, planting annuals, and perhaps staining or repairing the deck or fence.

While the above can be sufficiently comprehensive and time-consuming in its own right, another important aspect of spring property maintenance that should not be neglected is that of tree care. Winter weather can be particularly hard on trees and shrubs; thus it is incumbent on property owners to assess the health and vitality of their trees when the spring returns; this means taking several measures on their own as well as considering the support of a professional tree services provider like DreamWorks Tree Services.

From a general or global perspective, spring tree care customarily includes the following:

  • Inspection
  • Branch Pruning
  • Planting/Transplanting
  • Tree and Soil Fertilization
  • Mulching (new or topping-up)

3 Important Phases of Tree Care in Spring

You can strategically split your tree care exercises into the 3 phases for the spring season.

Early Spring

Early spring is when the snow melts and is the perfect time to prepare your tree for the growing season. It is best to keep the following things in mind:

  • Check for signs of winter damage or disease and look for broken, unsafe, or dead branches.
  • Inspect your trees after a winter storm. If the debris on the ground is more than expected, your tree might be in bad health.
  • Look for large patches of missing bark. Splits or cracks on the trunk could also be a cause of concern.
  • Prune dead or diseased branches before the onset of the growing season.

Tree stump removal before the end of the winter season is a dangerous task. We recommend opting for professional tree service in Toronto to ensure safety.


This is the time to consider the following tasks:

  • Clear fallen leaves, branches, and waste from your landscape and make way for healthy growth.
  • Feed your trees the nutrients they need after withstanding the extreme temperatures in winter. You can use a slow-release fertilizer to protect them from diseases and pests.
  • Condition and prepare the soil so the trees can absorb the nutrients through their roots.

Full Bloom

You can protect your trees from damage by adhering to the following:

  • Add a fresh layer of mulch around your tree before summer sets in to keep the soil moist.
  • Use 2 to 4 inches of thick mulch and ensure it is slightly away from the tree trunk.
  • Use appropriate mulching techniques to avoid over-mulching.

The importance of performing and completing each of these steps is itemized below:

Tree and Shrub Inspection

  • To identify damage that may have occurred over the winter
  • To check for the presence of disease and/or insect infestation
  • To determine the need for removal of deadwood or branches
  • To spot discolouration of leaves or branches

An experienced arborist can help you identify even the slightest issues and provide adequate information and support to boost your tree’s health.

Spring Tree Pruning

  • To accelerate and promote or slow and retard growth as appropriate
  • To remove dead or diseased wood and improve tree health
  • To increase penetration of sunlight through interior branch pruning
  • To reinvigorate, shape, or re-shape trees and shrubs after neglect

Spring Tree Planting

  • To give trees the longest growing period before their first winter
  • To permit the roots to grow and establish in the moist spring soil
  • To avoid the heat of the summer and minimize potential damage

Spring Tree and Plant Fertilization

  • To replenish nutrients in the soil and promote root development
  • To help trees defend against infestation from insects or diseases
  • To provide slow-release fertilizer before the tree begins to grow rapidly
  • To apply fertilizer soon after the ground is ready for the spring season

Tree care professionals consider several factors to prescribe a customized fertilization solution, including the history of your yard and foliage colour.


  • To insulate the soil and act as a buffer against hot temperatures
  • To help retain water or moisture in the ground and keep the roots moist
  • To block or inhibit weed growth and prevent competition with roots


  • To remove fallen branches, leaves, and other debris
  • To allow sunlight to reach the ground and penetrate layers beneath the soil surface

Due to the overall importance of spring tree care in safeguarding and promoting tree and shrub health and vitality, homeowners and commercial property owners may find benefit in the professional tree services provided by DreamWorks Tree Services, including spring inspections, tree and branch pruning, and new tree planting, mulching, and fertilization.

As part of our full range of tree services in Toronto, we also provide expert arborists who visit your property to assess your trees and soil and determine a tailored soil conditioning solution. We understand that springtime is one of the essential seasons for tree care. This is why we will work to ensure optimum tree health.

A Complete Range of Professional Tree Services for All Your Tree Care Needs

complete tree care service 'DreamWorks Trees'While the spring season is unquestionably an important time in relation to tree care and maintenance, homeowners and property owners may often require professional services throughout various times of the year. Whether it is due to storm damage, construction, landscaping projects, or simply for aesthetic reasons, trees and shrubs will often require some attention and/or protection.

The experienced professionals from DreamWorks Tree Services offer a complete range of tree services to meet the needs of property owners year-round; these services include:

  • Spur-free tree pruning
  • Tree and stump removal
  • Tree planting/transplanting
  • Hedge trimming and shrub care
  • 24/7 emergency storm damage clean-up
  • Cabling and bracing (for damage prevention)
  • Firewood and woodchip delivery; lot clearing; permit applications

For more information on the professional tree care provided by the team at DreamWorks Tree Services, including spring tree services such as pruning, planting, and fertilization, please visit Tree Services

Promote and protect the health and vitality of your trees this spring through the expert tree services offered by our knowledgeable and skilled arborists. Call DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-793-8903 or contact us to discuss the particular needs for your property.

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