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How to Prevent Pests from Damaging Trees

The best way to take care of the trees on your property is to ensure they have enough nutrients, water, and sunlight. However, other factors, such as pest infestation, can impact their health. Some insects may become a problem for trees when they contaminate them with diseases and rob them of their nourishment. This weakens the trees and shortens their lifespans considerably. Learn more about different pests and how to develop an effective tree care routine from our qualified arborists. With proper care, you can protect your trees and ensure they are strong and healthy.

7 Common Tree Pests in Ontario

Gypsy Moth

These insects have long, dark bodies covered with red and blue spots and hair. They typically invade poplar, oak, and birch trees by laying at least 100 eggs concealed in the bark. The larvae then start feeding on the leaves when the eggs hatch.

Elm Leaf Beetle

You can find these beetles in the spring on newly grown leaves on elm trees. They lay their eggs on the undersides of the leaves, where the larvae begin feeding on the foliage once they hatch. The adult beetle also eats leaves and bores holes in them.

Eastern Tent Caterpillar

These caterpillars have black bodies covered with thin hair, blue spots, and yellow and white stripes. They are mostly found on apple and cherry trees and lay their eggs on small twigs. They then form a nest between them when they hatch. When they become moths, they develop reddish-brown wings with white stripes. These pests feed on the leaves and can ruin the foliage completely.

Oystershell Scale

The male Oystershell Scale has a small body while the female has a wide, curved back once they mature. They tend to harm many trees, including maple, lilac, ash, and poplar. These pests continually feed on the wood and damage the trees over time.

Woolly Alder Aphid

It is a pest of alder trees, noticed mainly in the spring under their leaves. These pests secrete waxy filaments to protect themselves against their predators. They produce large colonies, which extract sap collectively from the trees.

Birch Skeletonizer

You can find this insect across Canada on birches and alder trees. They have small brown bodies with diagonal white bars on their forewings. They lay eggs on the leaves, which are consumed by the larvae once they hatch.

Yellownecked Caterpillar

They are typically found on fruit trees and deciduous forest trees, such as elm, birch, and serviceberry. You can find them from mid-June through July on a tree’s limb.

Why Is It Important to Control Tree Pests?

It is essential to have a tree care routine to protect your trees and plants from pests because they eat leaves and damage the branches. They affect the growth and health of the trees negatively and may even cause their death. Additionally, if pests infest a tree, they are more likely to affect the health of nearby plants and trees as well. This is why it is best to hire arborists offering tree services to ensure your trees thrive.

7 Tips for Effective Tree Care & Protection Against Pests

Monitor Regularly

When managing pests, it is best to stop them before their numbers get out of control. Regular monitoring of your trees and plants allows you to protect the foliage against pest infestation. This way, you can eliminate them quickly with minimal damage to your vegetation.

Adopt Good Practices

You can keep pests at bay by using good plant care techniques. This includes

  • Keeping them clean and well-tended
  • Carefully moving annual crops from one part of the garden to another every year
  • Removing old leaf litter from the plants’ base
  • Timed planting to avoid pest infestation
  • Watering plants well throughout the year
  • Amending the soil before planting as per the requirements
  • Applying organic matter regularly
  • Mulching properly to retain moisture in the soil and eliminate weeds

Good Grooming

Regular pruning and trimming promote the healthy growth of the trees. If you are pruning a diseased or pest-infested tree, it is best to use clean pruning shears to prevent the spread of disease. In addition to this, burn fallen leaves before winter.

Healthy Hydration

Dehydration may cause the branches of the trees to dry and fall off. In addition to being unsafe and unattractive, broken branches raise the risk of pest infestations. Having a proper watering routine can help prevent this.

Plant Properly

  • Right Plant in the Right Location – Every plant has different water, sunlight, soil type, space, and temperature requirements, among others. Be mindful of these specifications to ensure they are healthy.
  • Choose Pest-Resistant Trees – Be sure to check that the variety you want to plant in your yard doesn’t attract too many pests. Otherwise, you risk infesting other trees and making it harder to keep your plants alive.
  • Consider Diversity – It is best to have different types of trees in your garden to enhance the overall look of your landscape and prevent all the trees from being infested by pests at once.

Treat When Required

Be sure to think about whether treatments such as insecticides are necessary for your trees. This is because beneficial insects, including lacewings, ladybugs, and more, can consume insect pests. However, if you think you need help to protect your trees, contact a qualified arborist immediately so they can help with a good tree care routine.

Comprehensive Tree Care Services by Qualified Arborists

How to Prevent Pests from Damaging Trees

DreamWorks Tree Services is a prominent name when it comes to tree services in Toronto and the GTA. We provide complete assistance from tree planting and trimming to stump grinding and tree removal. Our experts will understand your needs and recommend the best possible solution to keep your plants and trees in good condition.

If you are in need of tree care experts in Toronto or the GTA, be sure to give us a call at 647-924-2627. Our arborists will be more than happy to help you! You could also request a free property assessment by filling out our online contact form.

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