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How to Safely Cut Tree Roots

Roots are a crucial part of trees as they provide them with a stable foundation. However, when they grow above the ground, you may have to cut them to avoid any hazards. This could be slightly tricky because an incorrect cut may affect the water flow and nutrient supply from the soil or even uproot it during a storm. Therefore, it is essential to adopt the correct approach. Check out this detailed guide to find out more about tree care, including safely pruning above-ground tree roots.

Cutting Tree Roots as Part of a Tree Care Routine

As a leading company offering complete tree care services, we often get people asking the following questions about cutting overgrown tree roots:

  • Will the Tree Die If the Roots Above Ground are Cut?

    Safely cutting the roots of a tree depends on its location and size. The rule of thumb is to prune roots around two inches wide. It also helps to remember that pruning large tree roots can adversely affect the tree’s health and make it unstable. This is because the tree may not get sufficient water and nutrients if you cut them. Also, do not cut roots that are too close to the trunk as these are vital to the tree’s health and structure.

  • When Should I Cut the Roots of a Tree?

    Early spring and winter are the best time of year to cut tree roots. This gives them ample time to heal and regain strength.

  • How Many Roots Can I Cut?

    It is healthy to remove around 20% of the tree roots that are above ground at once. Following this, it helps to wait 2-3 years to ensure that the tree recovers fully before cutting the roots again. Also, it is wise to prune the roots only if it is necessary and unavoidable. Otherwise, you could end up damaging its health.

  • How Do I Prune Tree Roots Without Damaging the Tree?

    Cutting the roots of a tree does not guarantee that it won’t hurt or kill it eventually. Therefore, it is recommended to prune the tree roots only when they are damaging a nearby structure. Also, it helps to consult with professionals offering tree care services to increase the chances of the tree surviving.

Step-by-Step Guide for Cutting the Tree Roots

  • Find the root that poses a threat to the nearby structures or trees. If it is a part of a large root, talk to a qualified arborist before cutting or pruning.
  • If it is a smaller root, you could try pruning it yourself.
  • Dig to expose the root completely to get a clear picture and mark the area.
  • Use a root saw for the task and be sure to fill the hole after cutting the roots.

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How to Safely Cut Tree Roots

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