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Preparing Your Trees for Winter to Prevent Root Injury

Even the strongest and most majestic trees need help when it comes to withstanding the harsh winter weather. If roots get damaged before the cold weather sets in, it is likely that rest of the tree will suffer and wilt and can possibly die as a result. Our qualified arborists know it is essential to help trees prepare for winters and keep them safe.

Why are the Roots of a Tree Sensitive to Frost & Cold?

Trees tend to survive the cold climate by going dormant. However, not all parts of a tree enter the state of hibernation at once. Winter’s freezing temperatures affect the roots more than the above-ground portions of a tree because they are one of the last parts to go into dormancy. As such, they are more susceptible to frost and the harsh weather.

Moreover, root tissues do not adjust to temperatures much below the freezing point. The shallow-rooted plants are mostly affected by this when the soil temperature drops before 15°F.

Qualified arborists know that the roots of some trees grow even while the other parts remain in hibernation. Although it is significant for a tree to continue expanding its roots and absorb water regardless of climatic conditions, they may get severely affected if the ground is not insulated adequately

What is Frost Heaving?

Frost heaving refers to the condition when the soil expands and contracts due to fluctuations in temperature. It results in inconsistent pressure, making the roots vulnerable to cold air and ice, and increasing the risk of damage.

What Can You Do to Protect the Roots?

To protect and prevent root injury you can do the following:

  • Plant Early – You should start planting new trees at least six weeks before you spot the first sign of the onset of fall. It will give the roots enough time to develop and anchor in the soil.
  • Mulch – It is one of the most effective ways to prepare your trees for winters. Using organic materials such as ground leaves, straw, compost, or pine needles will help regulate the temperature of the soil. Keep in mind the following while mulching:
    • Apply after a hard frost.
    • Ensure that it has a depth of at least 4 inches.
    • Do not excessively mulch because it can make the ground soggy and increase the chances of rodent infestation.
    • For best results, hire professionals who provide mulching services.
  • Monitor the Trees – Keep an eye on the trees that are more likely to be affected by the cold climate and cover the exposed portion of roots adequately with a layer of soil. Then, re-apply mulch.

Preparing Your Trees for Winter to Prevent Root Injury

Hire Qualified Arborists for Mulching Services

To protect your trees from the cold winter weather and prevent root injury, use the help of the experts. At DreamWorks Tree Services, we have a qualified team of professionals who are dedicated to their work and have the required knowledge and experience to help trees stand up to the climatic changes. For more in-depth information on our mulching services, get in touch with our specialists by calling 647-924-2627. You could also contact us to get a free assessment of your property.

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