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Improper Tree Removal After A Storm Can Lead To Costly Damages

Improper Tree Removal After A Storm Can Lead To Costly Damages

The need for a tree removal service in Toronto has been a major area of conversation and activity since the ice storms in late December 2013. There have been issues related to property damage, power outages, health and safety, and loss of income/productivity.

For many people, the cost of tree removal after a storm has become an issue. Seldom do they budget for such an unanticipated expense, yet the damaged tree must be either removed altogether or have some branches removed/trimmed for safety reasons – and it should be done as quickly as possible. Consequently, a course of action for homeowners that will address both cost and urgency is to try and remove or trim the tree themselves.

This action may actually cause more tree and property damage, or even personal injury:

  • Inappropriate tree pruning or excessive trimming can impair tree growth and recovery
  • Treating exposed and damaged areas with paint/sealer can trap moisture and lead to rot and decay
  • Felling a tree requires proper planning in terms of its trajectory and the amount of open area needed for the tree/trunk/branches to land clear of obstacles – trees or branches that fall ‘in the wrong direction’ can result in major damage to vehicles, roofing and fences, power lines and underground cables, and other trees
  • Operating a chainsaw can be challenging and dangerous, especially when you are trying to balance yourself on a ladder
  • Wooden ladders or non-industrial aluminum ladders may not be sturdy or stable enough at greater heights, and may get slick and slippery in snowy or icy weather
  • Without proper eyewear, you risk serious injury from woodchips, sawdust, twigs
  • Without proper protective gear, you risk serious injury to every part of your body

Why Hiring A Tree Removal Service Could Be A Wise Decision

Using a professional tree removal service after the recent ice storms in Toronto can be a prudent decision – for your trees and your property, and for your personal safety. DreamWorks Tree Services can assist with tree removal or repairs in several ways:

  • Technical expertise – Skillfully removing trees of any size, section by section, to avoid any damage (or to prevent any further damage) to your home and/or property
  • Damage assessment – Determining whether the tree should be removed entirely or if it can be saved with appropriate corrective action
  • Tree salvaging – Using cables/bracing if a tree has suffered a minor split in its trunk
  • Tree straightening – Applying guy-wires to reset and brace small to mid-size trees that may have been partially uprooted
  • Pruning damaged limbs and tree tops – To restore visual appeal to the tree and to promote faster healing and growth in the spring and summer

If you require tree removal or repair service after an ice storm, call the tree removal experts at DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-924-2627 or contact us to book a free consultation and assessment.

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