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How To Perform Tree Stump Removal Without Using Power Stump Grinders

How To Perform Tree Stump Removal Without Using Power Stump Grinders

The process of tree removal can be a significant challenge in and of itself. Regardless of the age or the size of the tree, removing it requires careful planning for both safety reasons and minimizing/preventing damage to surrounding trees, property or structures.

Once the tree has been felled, the removal process is still not complete until you deal with the stump. The reasons for stump removal include:

  • Aesthetics – A dead stump is basically an blot on the landscape
  • Space – Stumps can inhibit the use or functionality of your yard
  • Safety – Colliding with/tripping over a stump can lead to injuries
  • Maintenance – Clearing unwanted growth around or on the stump

There are several ways to address stump removal, each with its own advantages (or disadvantages) as well as varying degrees of safety/danger and advisability. The most efficient of these procedures would be the use of a power stump grinder, but this is not a commonly found tool/device in a homeowner’s shed or garage, and the cost of renting a grinder can be prohibitive.

Other, less costly, stump removal techniques will require manual labour, could be quite time intensive in nature, and/or may neither be safe nor advisable. These would be:

  • Chemical Treatment – Drill 1 in. x 8 in. holes into the top and sides of the stump, fill those holes with water and fertilizer/potassium nitrate, wait about six weeks, then chop out the spongy stump with an axe (time intensive)
  • Hand-Digging – Dig around the stump with a pick and shovel to expose the roots, cut or chop the roots with an axe, and manually rock the stump back-and-forth until it can be fully dislodged/uprooted from the ground (very labour intensive)
  • Natural Method – Basically allow the stump to rot on its own (very time intensive)
  • Burning – Similar to the chemical treatment method except that the drilled holes are filled with kerosene, which needs to soak into the wood for 1 to 2 weeks, before a match is dropped into each hole and the stump is allowed to smoulder for a few days or even weeks (time intensive; a safety issue; local by-laws could prohibit burning)
  • Extraction By Vehicle – Securing a winch or rope from a vehicle to the stump and engaging the engine to pull or wrench the stump from the ground (not advisable, as the winch or rope may snap, the vehicle may be damaged, underground cables/pipes may be severed or affected and, most importantly, you could be severely injured)

After examining all of the above elements and methods, for the sake of time, safety, and minimal aggravation, perhaps the best and most expedient approach to stump removal would indeed be the use of a power grinder.

Why Hiring A Tree And Stump Removal Service Would Be An Astute Decision

In the capable hands of a tree and stump removal professional, the use of a power grinder has several benefits for the property owner that can certainly outweigh the cost of such a service. Contracting the specialists from DreamWorks Tree Services to handle your stump removal requirements will address the following factors:

  • Technical Expertise – Experience and skill in stump removal to avoid any damage to your home and/or property
  • Time Efficiency – Using a power grinder and the appropriate secondary tools allows the stump removal process to be completed in a faster and more efficient manner
  • Removal And Clean-Up – Clearing and disposal of all debris from the affected area
  • Safety Concerns – The utmost care will be taken to ensure the safety of your family and neighbours as well as your respective homes and properties

Are you looking for tree and stump removal services in Toronto and the surrounding area? Call DreamWorks Tree Services today at 1-800-407-9917 or contact us to book a free consultation and assessment.

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