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What is Involved in the Lot Clearing Process?

Lot clearing is an excellent solution when it comes to transforming a property. It is a process that consists of shrub and tree removals to clear the plot of land and make way for renovation, new construction, and other similar activities. Although it is an enormous job, following a step-by-step process can make it hassle-free. Read on to find out what is involved in the process and how professionals offering lot clearing services take up the task.

Steps Involved in the Lot Clearing Process

  • Preparing the Site

    Site preparation is the first step for clearing any piece of land. Though it is time-consuming and labour-intensive, it is an essential step to ensure the required results. It needs specific tools and equipment and the expertise of a qualified arborist. The size of the job depends on the area of the plot, the soil type, and surrounding structures or hardscapes that may need to be cleared.

  • Stump Grinding and Removal

    According to the professionals, there are two ways to deal with tree stumps:

    • Grind them to the level of the soil, so they do not obstruct further work on the land.
    • Remove the stumps entirely from the ground.

    Doing this often involves working around underground pipes, gas lines, wires, and irrigation lines. The experts have the knowledge to plan and execute this step in the best possible way.

  • Tree Removals

    Lot clearing does not necessarily mean cutting down all the trees on the site. It is a selective process that can help maintain the natural beauty of your property. Identify the trees and shrubs that should be removed and mark the ones that can be left. It requires specific equipment and entails removing the leftover debris to ensure minimum damage and reduce the chances of any mishaps.

  • Right-of-Way Clearing

    Clearing the land in the proper manner is essential to ensure the smooth functioning and avoid unnecessary delays. It can help make room for maintenance equipment and allow utility trucks to get easy access to the site.

  • Grading the Land

    After clearing the land, the next step in the lot clearing process is to fill any holes. It helps to ensure that the top layer of soil is even and compact. Add more soil if required to smoothen the ground.

We Offer Hassle-Free Lot Clearing Services in Ontario

What is Involved in the Lot Clearing Process?At DreamWorks Tree Services, we offer quality work for a fair price. We use top of the line tools and equipment for tree removals and lot clearing. We place the utmost importance on safety, which is why we follow the best practices. We have knowledgeable and skilled experts who work towards understanding your needs and offer assistance accordingly. We provide quick and hassle-free services at your convenience.

If you are looking for tree care experts who can provide lot clearing services in Ontario, we can help you. For more information about our services, feel free to get in touch with us by calling 647-261-2627. You could also get a no-obligation assessment of your property by filling out our online form.

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