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When Should You Water Your Trees in Fall?

Tree care is not only about pruning and trimming your trees. It also includes watering your plants. When it comes to fall tree care, it is not a matter of whether you should water your trees in autumn but knowing the right time and quantity. Let’s discuss these aspects in detail, so the trees on your property are healthy and ready for the spring.

Watering Your Trees in the Fall

When to Water

  • Remember to stop watering your trees in early autumn, until the time when their leaves fall. This will allow them to enter the transitional phase and prevent spurts of new growth that are not strong enough to survive the winter.
  • In late autumn, before the ground freezes and after the trees drop their leaves, give them a deep watering and ensure that the water reaches their roots. This will make your trees and shrubs strong enough to handle winter storms and high winds.

Measuring Water

Now that you know the right time to water your trees, you must also know how much water they need during the winter season. It helps to remember that a variety of conditions can damage or stress your plants, including a location with too much sun or too little sun, drought, disease, and more. It helps to keep the following in mind:

  • Slow soaking is a better way of watering than pouring a large quantity at once.
  • The rule of thumb for deep watering is to make sure that the water infiltrates 12 – 15 inches into the soil.
  • It helps to use drip irrigation systems, sprinklers, or hoses as part of your tree care routine.

Creating Moist Soil

The feeder roots of trees that absorb nutrients and water from the soil reside in its uppermost 1-2 feet. Your goal when watering a tree is to soak and moisten the top layer of soil. Also, make sure it doesn’t become soggy.

Identifying Wet Soil

To check if you have watered correctly, push a rod through wet soil. If it penetrates down until around 1-2 feet deep easily, but then meets with resistance, signifying dry soil, know that you have watered the tree to the correct depth.

General Tips for Watering Plants in the Fall

  • The quantity and time to water may vary based on many aspects, such as the type of soil, irrigation system, depth of the roots, and weather conditions.
  • Remember that water penetrates fastest through the sandy soil while it takes time for it to infiltrate clay soils.
  • Adding a layer of mulch helps to cool the soil, eliminate weeds and retain water.

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