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Proper Tree Care Should Extend Throughout The Winter Months

As the amount of available daylight grows shorter and the temperatures begin to steadily decline, any thoughts of tree care may focus on the indoor holiday season variety – will the tree lights work again this year, are new decorations needed, and where in the home will the tree stand?

Perhaps lost amid all of this seasonal planning, however, is the importance of tree care for the outdoor variety, that is, tending to the health and protection of living trees during the winter months.

When all the leaves have fallen and the trees are bare, an opportunity is presented to inspect/assess the structural integrity of any/all trees in an unobstructed and thorough and manner. This assessment can be completed by the homeowner or by a professional tree care service such as DreamWorks Tree Services, and will help to identify such potential issues as:

  • Dead wood
  • Decaying or diseased wood
  • Cracks and splits
  • Crossed or deformed branches
  • Insect infestation

Should any of these issues/concerns be revealed, appropriate tree care actions/service can be performed in order to effectively:

  • Remove any dead, decaying, or diseased wood
  • Prune the canopy for tree-shaping reasons only
  • Address cracks/splits through cabling or bracing
  • Thin out limbs to enhance health/spring growth
  • Eradicate infestations via appropriate treatment
  • Have the tree and its stump removed altogether

Additionally, there are several preventative or protective tree care measures that can be applied heading into the winter to help prepare for the spring growing season. These steps include:

  • Adding a layer of mulch (wood chips or leaves) around the base
  • Wrapping young trees to protect against weather/animal damage
  • Watering to help avoid winter drought – only until ground freezes
  • Applying fertilizer that promotes root growth (but not leaf growth)

To ensure that these measures are implemented appropriately and not in a manner that is potentially detrimental to the trees, property owners may again choose to call upon the experience and expertise of an arborist.

Professional Tree Care Services Are Available Year-Round From DreamWorks

In much the same manner that your home and vehicles require year-round maintenance and upkeep, tree care should also be a continual process throughout the calendar year.

Although trees go into dormancy during the winter months, it does not mean that your tree care should also go into hibernation for several months.

DreamWorks Tree Services offers a full range of tree services to maintain and enhance the health and vitality of your trees during the course of the year. Our arborists understand what needs to be done – and when – in order to: protect your trees during the winter, promote growth in the spring, and enrich the ambiance and curb appeal of your property throughout the outdoor seasons.

This range of tree care services includes, but is not limited to:

For professional tree care year-round, including preparing and protecting your trees for the upcoming winter weather, call our professional arborists at DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-924-2627 or 1-800-407-9917 or contact us to book a no-obligation consultation.

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