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Stump Grinding is the Safest Tree Stump Removal Method

As far as tree care is concerned, many property owners feel that it only includes trimming branches and cutting down the dead portions of trees. They fail to consider removal of the stump, which refers to getting rid of the remaining part of the trunk after a tree is removed.

The leftover portion can be as much of a hazard as a sick or dead tree because:

  • Someone can trip over it.
  • It can become a home for fungi and pests.
  • New plants tend to grow on it, making it difficult to remove them later.

What is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is an effective way of removing the decaying or remaining portion of a tree. A grinder is used to mulch the stump, thus getting rid of it quickly and efficiently.

Other Ways of Getting Rid of the Stump

Other methods of removing a tree stump have many disadvantages which are as follows:

  • Burning

    Many regional authorities prohibit burning as a stump removal method due to safety concerns.

  • Using Chemicals to Degrade the Stump

    The chemical residue can harm children and pets, as well as disturb the soil composition and the nutrients in it.

  • Digging Out the Stump Manually

    It is a time-consuming task and can be dangerous if you are not careful while digging. In addition to this, you will also be left with a hole in the ground.

Why is Grinding Considered a Safe Method of Tree Stump Removal?

  • Keeps the Soil Healthy

    Since the process doesn’t require using any chemicals that may harm soil and destroy the nutrients present in it, grinding is considered safe for removing a tree stump.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    In addition to maintaining the soil composition, stump grinding also doesn’t pollute the environment, making the method eco-friendly.

  • Quick Work

    Grinding a stump doesn’t take long if you have the right equipment and know how to use it safely. It doesn’t cause any damage to your property or the ground.

  • Affordable

    It is an affordable option as far as stump removal is concerned which is why many tree care service providers include stump removal using a grinder in their list of services.

Although there are other ways to remove the remaining portion of a tree, stump grinding is considered the best and safest approach because it is quick, affordable, eco-friendly, does not harm the soil, and can enhance the appearance of your property.

Call Us for Stump Removal in the GTA

Stump Removal in the GTA

DreamWorks Tree Services provides expert tree care in Toronto and the GTA including fast and effective stump grinding. In addition to the required equipment, our experts also have the skills and expertise to complete the job in an efficient and timely manner. We ensure:

  • Safety

    – by securing the area before beginning the work

  • Proficiency

    – by using stump grinders for fast and efficient work

  • Protection

    – by paying attention to avoid any damage to your property

  • Clean-Up

    – by collecting all the debris after completing the work and disposing of it properly

To get rid of unwanted stumps professionally and quickly, call our experts at 647-793-8903 or toll-free at 1-800-407-9917. You could also fill out our online form to request a free property assessment.

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