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Tips for Planting Trees on Your Property

Tree Planting Tips to Help Beautify Your Property and/or Satisfy Specific Needs

Many movies and television programs include a scene with a vehicle being driven along a tree-lined driveway as it heads toward a spectacular mansion that can be seen at the top of the screen shot. The trees also appear stately in nature; they are flawlessly aligned, equal in size and separation, and impeccably trimmed/shaped from first to last on either side of the laneway and casting just the right amount of shade during the entire ride.

This idyllic setting did not happen by chance; it took considerable forethought to envision such an outcome, as well as the right choice of trees and well-executed tree planting to bring it to fruition. And while driving up to a dazzling estate along a tree-lined road may only be representative of the rich-and-famous, proper planning, tree selection, and tree planting can create a parallel aura for properties of Toronto-area homes and businesses.

In the planning phase, it will be important to determine the specific purpose or purposes for planting or transplanting any trees on a property. There can be a number of specific needs or reasons for property owners to contemplate a tree planting strategy, including:

  • Aesthetics/curb appeal
  • To add or improve privacy
  • Creating windbreaks/snow breaks
  • Shade/protection from ultraviolet rays
  • To increase seasonal energy efficiencies
  • Establishing natural fences or boundaries
  • Giving further definition to existing landscaping
  • Providing a natural habitat for birds/other wildlife

Once the above has/have been determined, the tree selection process will play a vitally important role in the ultimate success of the plan and the degree of pleasure/satisfaction that the property owner will derive from its implementation. When picking the best type of tree or trees for planting on a property, the factors to be considered would include:

  • Climate – the varieties best suited to local weather conditions/temperatures
  • Species – deciduous (leaves are shed annually), evergreens, or fruit-bearing?
  • Property size – the available space/area and the tree types that might fit best
  • Size at maturity – the anticipated height, shape, and circumference of the tree
  • Growth rate – how quickly the trees will grow or begin to produce/bear any fruit

Now ready for the tree planting phase, property owners may find benefit from these tips:

  • Prepare the hole – two times the size of the root ball and as deep as the root ball
  • Relax the roots – carefully remove any twine or burlap that could constrict growth
  • Setting the tree – point where the roots and trunk meet should sit at ground level
  • Backfill the hole – with soil and water, ensuring the removal of any/all air pockets
  • Fertilize the roots – with a high-phosphorus fertilizer to alleviate root stress/shock
  • Add mulch (bark or wood chips) – 3-4 inches deep; not within 4 inches of the trunk
  • Staking the tree – only if/as needed, to help it withstand any possible strong winds

Clearly, there are a significant number of variables that property owners must deliberate before any investment in tree planting can proceed; and because that investment can be rather substantial from both a short-term and long-term perspective, the physical tree planting must also be done with considerable care and attention in order to produce the best possible return, i.e. the eventual desired outcome.

For all the above reasons and more, it might be prudent for property owners to capitalize on the knowledge and skills of a professional tree care company to set the foundation for success with an investment of this magnitude. One such provider of expert tree planting services is DreamWorks Tree Services in Uxbridge.

A Professional Tree Planting Service Can Optimize Your Return on Investment

Tree Planting ServiceInvesting in tree planting will not only enrich the curb appeal of a property and/or satisfy any specific personal needs of the owner-family, it can help increase resale value as well. However, notwithstanding the species of tree chosen, the primary reason for that choice, and the associated cost, property owners run the risk of disappointment – and additional expense – if the tree planting is not implemented in the most appropriate manner.

Consequently, the tree planting expertise of DreamWorks Trees Services can be a valued asset to the property owner; these services can include:

  • Tree selection
  • Ideal tree planting times
  • The number of trees to plant
  • The best locations on the property
  • Appropriate choices of fertilizer and mulch
  • Suggestions/tips on follow-up care and watering

For further information on the tree planting services offered by the team at DreamWorks Tree Services, a leading tree care company within the Greater Toronto area.

For any/all tree planting needs, from planning to tree selection to onsite implementation, call the experienced professionals from DreamWorks Tree Services at 647-793-8903 today or contact us to request a free property assessment and no-obligation estimate.

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