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Tips for the Planting and Care of Apple Trees

What You Should Know About Apple Tree Planting to Improve Crop Production

There are many people who are passionate about growing their own vegetables instead of capitalizing on the convenience of purchasing produce from a grocery store or market; whether the garden is in their backyard or a community space, there is something highly satisfying about planting and harvesting annual crops of onions, beans, carrots, etc.

The more adventurous of these individuals and perhaps those more patient as well, may extend such passion to planting one or more types of fruit tree. While it may take a few years after planting for a fruit tree to produce a viable crop, it offers the ability to sustain such production for many years – provided that its planting and care are done right – in contrast to the typically annual nature of vegetable gardens.

Among the more popular types of fruit trees, many home gardeners opt for apple trees; this is because there are many different varieties from which to choose depending on the intended purpose/use of the crop:

  • Cooking and baking
  • Canning or preserves
  • Immediate consumption
  • Storage (winter consumption)

Regardless of the intent, the eventual success and size of any apple crop will be directly influenced by the actions taken by the home gardener relative to tree selection, planting, and care over time.

To assist in this regard, DreamWorks Tree Services offers the following tips and facts for those who want to plant and grow their own apple tree or trees:

  • Location – choose a site that gets 6+ hours of direct sunlight per day
  • Soil – a loam with good organic matter is preferred versus sand or clay
  • Planting – hole should be twice the width and depth of the root system
  • Protection – erect a chicken wire barrier to keep away rabbits, mice, etc.
  • Staking – allow for slight movement with the wind; avoid damaging roots
  • Fertilizing – yearly; low-nitrogen compounds are better than lawn fertilizer
  • Pruning – annually; in late winter or early spring (but not the planting year)

Further to the above, there are several frequently asked questions from home gardeners about planting and growing an apple tree, for which the DreamWorks Tree Services team offers the following information:

Where is the best place to find apple trees for sale?
  • From a reputable nursery that can provide specific details about the tree
  • Avoid seasonal garden centers – less tree information; lack of proper care
How far apart is ideal to plant multiple apple trees?
  • 10-15 feet (dwarf/semi-dwarf varieties) and 18-20 feet (standard varieties)
How long does it usually take to grow an apple tree (how long to maturity)?
  • 2-4 years (dwarf trees), 3-6 years (semi-dwarf), and 6-10 years (standard)
How do you grow an apple tree from a branch or cutting?
  • Prepare a mixture of equal parts sand and peat in a medium-sized flowerpot
  • Cut a 6-inch section from the end of a mature tree’s branch during dormancy
  • Cutting should have at least two buds; remove any others from the lower end
  • Dip the fresh-cut end in a rooting hormone and push cutting into the flowerpot
  • Insert cutting to depth of three inches; press growing medium firmly around it
  • Spray-moisten cutting and medium; put entire flowerpot in a clear plastic bag
  • Seal the plastic bag tightly; ensure that bag does not touch any part of cutting
  • Place flowerpot in a warm spot (not direct sunlight) – open/moisten as needed
  • Should see roots emerge and leaves appear on the cutting within a few weeks
  • Transplant cutting to its permanent location on the property – keep roots intact

Many amateur gardeners may certainly enjoy the challenges of growing their own apple trees, whether right from cuttings or by purchasing them from a reputable nursery, and would consequently be comfortable and confident in their abilities to plant them properly and provide adequate care. Conversely, for those who simply want the fruit without the labour, so to speak, they might opt to utilize the tree planting and tree care expertise of the professionals from DreamWorks Tree Services.

Expert Apple Tree Planting and Care to Enhance Overall Health and Annual Yield

While there can be immense satisfaction in being the individual responsible for the care and maintenance of apple trees, these important and ongoing activities do not always go as planned; life’s priorities and leisure pursuits often have a habit of getting in the way.

Thus, contracting a professional tree care services provider could be the optimal solution for those who want to grow and enjoy their own apples but simply do not have the time, the tools, or the inclination to perform all of the necessary tree care on a regular basis.

DreamWorks Tree Services offers the experience and expertise that homeowners need to ensure appropriate apple tree planting and care, and in so doing, to enhance overall tree health and apple yield; this support can include but is not limited to:

  • Recommendations on varieties
  • Initial tree planting and staking
  • Selection of location on property
  • Timely pruning/correct techniques
  • Damage prevention and mitigation

Go to to learn more about the range of expert tree planting services offered by the team at DreamWorks Tree Services.

For all your apple tree care/maintenance, from planting to pruning, call the specialists at DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-793-8903 or contact us to request your free property assessment and a no-obligation estimate.

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