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Tips to Help Care for Newly-Planted Trees

Tree Planting Tips to Help Homeowners Plant and Care for Newly-Planted Trees

It is quite likely that many homeowners have seen a cartoon in which a character plants a small tree, pours a little water on its roots from a garden hose or a watering can, then simply sits back and watches that sapling instantly grow into a mature tree. This would indeed be the ideal scenario, i.e. just dig a hole, put the new tree in the hole, add water (once), and walk away, leaving the tree to thrive.

Unfortunately, tree planting is not an animation or computer simulation; it takes thought and effort to plant a tree, as well as continuing tree care to ensure its health, vigour, and beauty throughout its life.  Moreover, the purchase of any new tree, whether it is planted by a property owner or by a professional tree planting service such as DreamWorks Tree Services, should be considered as an investment in the property, and thus should also be nurtured to achieve maximum return, in a manner of speaking.

With the cold winter weather now coming to its end for another year, it will soon be time for homeowners and property owners to begin their springtime yard maintenance rituals; for many, the spring season may be associated with tree planting season, as they look to rejuvenate or upgrade their landscaping. To that end, the following tree planting tips are offered to help property owners as they plant and care for any newly-planted trees:

  • Daily for the first two weeks – and deep into the roots
  • Continued on a weekly basis while trees remain in leaf
  • Appreciable rainfall should be taken into consideration
  • Avoid overwatering – can be detrimental to tree/roots
  • To a depth of 2 to 4 inches – consider an organic mulch
  • Leave a space of 1 to 2 inches around base of the trunk
  • Extend layer of mulch to the edge of the tree’s drip zone
  • Avoid inclination to pile mulch in the shape of a volcano
  • Restrict any tree pruning to minor branch defects only
  • Avoid any extensive pruning/shaping for at least a year
  • Consider professional services if/when this is required
  • If staking is needed, allow tree some movement/flexibility
  • Inspect stakes periodically and adjust tension accordingly
  • Not generally recommended at time of planting a new tree
  • Avoid use of/contact with lawn fertilizers – can harm roots

While some homeowners/residential property owners prefer to do their own tree planting and tree care, many others might not have the time, inclination, tools, and/or confidence to address these activities on a regular basis. In such cases, homeowners in Newmarket and its surrounding area may want to call on the expert tree care services available from the team at DreamWorks Tree Services.

Consult with Tree Care Experts When Considering New Trees for Your Property

There are a number of reasons why homeowners and property owners may want to plant a new tree or trees; these factors might include one or more of the following:

  • To provide shade
  • To improve privacy
  • To enhance curb appeal
  • To create a wind break/screen
  • For better home energy efficiency

In addition, as mentioned previously, a decision to purchase and plant a new tree should be considered a long-term investment; in fact, it could take many years to achieve the goals listed above, so it becomes rather important to provide the environment that will sustain that tree throughout this interim growth period and for an extended time beyond the point of maturity.

Consequently, property owners might want to consult with experienced tree care experts relative to the selection, planting, and long-term care of the trees on their grounds. One such service provider is DreamWorks Tree Services, a leader among the tree care and tree planting companies in Newmarket and the Greater Toronto Area for the past twenty years.

The extended tree care services offered by the DreamWorks Tree Services team include:

See our Tree Planting Services page for further information on the complete range of tree planting services offered by the professionals at DreamWorks Tree Services.

Due to seasonal weather extremes, tree planting in Ontario requires a strong knowledge of species, as well as the right amount of water and the right time to water respectively, in order to ensure that newly-planted trees are given the best opportunity to survive and flourish. If you are planning any new tree planting for your property this season,

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