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Too Much Water in the Spring Can Be Bad for Your Trees

Over-Watering Can Be a Common Fault in Spring Tree Care

Throughout their period of dormancy over the winter, your trees await the arrival of the spring so that they may start the growing cycle once again.  Homeowners also await the splendor of the growing season for its visual effects and for the opportunity to play a role in promoting the health of their trees.

However, in their enthusiasm to kick-start the spring tree care process, some property owners may harm their trees, inadvertently, by watering them too soon or over-watering them during the early stages of the season – the latter case being further compounded if the amount of spring rainfall is high.  Basically said, getting too much water in the spring can be bad for trees.

Over-watering can prevent tree roots from effectively initiating/supporting the transport of water to other parts of a tree.  It can also produce overall tree health issues resulting from such situations:

  • Permanent root damage
  • Permanent canopy damage
  • Lack of nutrient absorption
  • Inhibition of oxygenation
  • Disease/insect infestation

Signs indicative that a tree is receiving too much water will include the following:

  • Leaves that are either wilted, brittle, or faded in colour
  • Soil around the base of the tree very soggy to the touch
  • Soil that is still wet six to eight inches below the surface
  • Mushrooms, moss, or algae growing around the tree base

If any/all of these signs are visible, homeowners should abandon all tree watering until the soil around the base is completely dry, and continue to assess the condition of their trees for signs of rebounding health/growth.

If any issues persist or if there are concerns about the overall health of the trees, it may be wise to call upon the insight of a qualified arborist from a professional tree service provider like DreamWorks Tree Services.

Adequate Watering is Just One Aspect of Proper Tree Care in the Spring

While appropriate watering is an essential component of spring tree care, it is just one of several interconnected steps that property owners need to take to promote the health and growth of their trees. Furthermore, although newly-planted or younger trees might naturally receive more attention from homeowners, it is important to remember that all trees require some degree of care regardless of their age, species, location, or purpose.

A more complete spring tree care process would include all of the following:

  • Check trunks and branches for signs of disease and winter damage
  • Examine the tree bases for indications of rodent damage/penetration
  • Consult an arborist/tree service professional for advice if/as needed
  • Clear all debris that may have accumulated around trees over the winter
  • This includes rock salt/de-icing material spread near trees during that time
  • Add a layer of fresh mulch to help moisture retention/weed suppression
  • Layer should be 2-3 inches thick and 3-4 inches away from base of trees
  • Avoid watering until soil has completely thawed (for water to penetrate)
  • Water deeply into the soil as needed (see signs of over-watering above)
  • Be conscious of spraying/splashing too much water on leaves or foliage
Pest and Disease Control
  • Consult with a tree service professional on potential threats this season
  • Apply recommended treatments as and when directed
  • Spring pruning should be limited to cases of absolutely necessity only
  • It should be restricted to removal of dead, diseased, or damaged limbs

Some homeowners may prefer to enjoy the results of spring tree care but may not have the time or the inclination to implement the above process themselves. In these cases, they have the option of contracting the work to expert tree care service providers such as DreamWorks Tree Services.

To obtain professional advice or assistance for your spring tree care needs, call the tree service specialists at DreamWorks Tree Services today at either 647-924-2627 or 1-800-407-9917 to book your free consultation. Contact us to arrange a visit to your property as soon as possible.

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