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Why Tree Limbs Will Break

Expert Tree Removal Contractors Can Identify Tree Limbs in Danger of Breaking

After a major storm or high winds, regardless of the season, many homeowners may be surprised to find one or more downed tree limbs on their property.  In many cases, there had previously been little concern about the stability of their trees – they all looked quite healthy – but now there has been considerable damage to one or more of those trees as well as the surrounding landscaping and/or structures.

Although there is always a possibility that a branch may simply snap under some intense pressure, there was most likely an underlying and previously unidentified reason why the limb or limbs broke at that particular time.  And depending on the extent of the damage, the services of a tree removal contractor may be required to rectify the situation.

There are a few factors that can contribute to tree limbs breaking or snapping, such as:

  • Exposure to weather extremes
  • Structural growth abnormalities
  • Tree age and type (ash, maple)
  • Improper tree pruning/trimming
  • Inadequate/negligent tree care
  • Soil conditions/lack of nutrients

While it may be difficult to accurately predict when a tree limb might break, there are in fact several physical clues that could point to an impending issue.  Some of the signs will be more apparent than others, yet a fundamental knowledge of such signs might help homeowners in preventing major property damage and/or expensive tree removal costs.

Such indicators would consist of:

  • Branches that are bare of buds/leaves during blooming/growing seasons
  • Cracks in the joints of branches with other branches or at the main trunk
  • Branches that are extending from almost the same spot on the tree trunk
  • Limbs that are bending unnaturally due to heavy growth or poor pruning
  • Mushrooms that are growing on the outside of a limb (limb is likely rotten)
  • Insect infestation or fungal growth that spreads from the trunk to the limbs
  • Brittleness (caused by drought/lack of water, especially with younger trees)
  • Excessively rapid tree growth (from over-fertilization) leading to weak wood

If homeowners observe or suspect that one or more of these situations could be at play with their trees, proper and immediate attention to the matter may help to revitalize the health of the trees or save them altogether.

In such instances, they may wish to call upon the experience of a qualified arborist from DreamWorks Tree Services, who can diagnose/confirm whether there are limbs that are in danger of breaking and take any appropriate preventive actions if/as necessary.

Professional Tree Removal Services Can Help Avoid Damage from Broken Limbs

Healthy trees offer a number of benefits to homeowners and their properties, including the provision of shade, protection, privacy/solitude, and aesthetics.  Unfortunately, and despite the best efforts of all parties involved, there may be times when tree removal is the only option.

Broken and fallen branches are generally a good indicator that something is amiss with the health of a tree.  Should circumstances dictate that a tree or trees cannot be saved, DreamWorks Tree Services provides the expert tree removal services needed to:

  • Assess the overall situation
  • Recommend the appropriate actions
  • Complete the job as quickly, efficiently, and cleanly as possible.
  • Guard against potential damage to neighbouring trees and structures

It is difficult to predict when a tree limb may break but there are measures that you can take to prevent or minimize any potential damage.  Call the tree care professionals at DreamWorks Tree Services today at 1-800-407-9917 to schedule an assessment of the health of your trees before the summer storm season arrives.

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