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Using Tree Care Services to Plan Ahead for Spring

To ensure that your trees are safe and protected from potential damage, it is important to use professional tree care services and maintain them throughout each season. In addition to controlling their growth, this will also help them look their best.

When spring is a month away, you must start planning for the health of your trees as it is the ideal time to perform certain tasks before they start growing. Here are a few essential things you must follow to ensure your trees remain in excellent condition throughout spring:

  • Clearing

    When the temperatures get warmer, the first step towards maintaining the trees and plants on your property is to clear off the remaining debris and clutter of the wintertime. Gather the scattered twigs, leaves, sticks and fruits that collect beneath trees over the cold months.

  • Inspecting

    Examining trees and shrubs is essential because the landscape may be damaged due to melting snow, strong winds, and heavy rainfall. In addition to paying close attention to critical risk trees, you could also consult a qualified arborist to determine whether tree removal or disease and pest treatments are required. Also, look out for the following signs of winter damage to trees:

    • Holes and cracks in the bark
    • Dead foliage
    • Loss of bark and twigs
    • Browning of leaves
    • Girdling by animals
  • Pruning

    Trimming and pruning are imperative to a productive tree care routine. They can help the trees overcome winter damage caused due to snow storms and ice accumulation. Make sure you have the right pruning tools and that they are in excellent condition. Look for old, dying foliage and branches that you can cut back. An experienced arborist may suggest cabling and bracing the trees to reduce the potential damage due to high winds and help sustain them in the hot summer months.

  • Mulching

    After pruning the trees, you must mulch the landscape properly. This helps secure the organic matter that trees require beneath the soil surface. It also helps to control weeds, add nutrients to the soil, and conserve moisture.

  • Fertilizing

    Before your shrubs and trees enter the peak growing season in spring, apply a slow-release fertilizer. This will replace the nutrients in the soil and help enhance the trees’ resistance to damage caused due to insects, diseases, and harsh weather conditions. Remember, without proper fertilization, they won’t reach their full potential and will have shorter lifespans compared to well-fertilized trees.

Contact the Experts for Tree Care Services

Tree Care ServicesWhile you can do all the planning ahead, you must remember that hiring experts from an experienced company is always worth it and is crucial for your trees’ long-term maintenance. At DreamWorks Tree Services, we provide professional assistance to maintain your trees during the spring. We offer tree care services in many Greater Toronto Areas such as Newmarket, Pickering, Georgina, Whitby, Stouffville, Richmond Hill, and Aurora.

To obtain professional assistance for your spring tree care needs and discuss the health of your trees with a qualified arborist, call us at 647-793-8903 or 1-800-407-9917 today. You could also fill out our online form to request a free property assessment.

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