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Spring Tree Care and Preparation

Importance of Spring Tree Care
Preparing Your Trees for Spring
Phases of Spring Tree Care
Early Spring Care
A Pre-Bloom Prep
During Springtime
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Now that spring is getting closer, it’s time to start getting your trees ready for the warmer weather and new leaves. There is more to getting your trees prepared for spring than just letting nature take its course. Before we look at the spring tree care checklist, let’s discuss the benefits of performing some prep work.

Importance of Spring Tree Care

Improved Health

Trimming and pruning can enhance your tree’s health significantly. These tree care techniques involve removing dead, dying, or diseased stems and branches, helping the tree thrive and grow.

Enhanced Appearance

Proper spring tree care helps improve the overall appearance of the trees. If you have an overgrown tree or plants that don’t flow well with the rest of your landscape, pruning and trimming can help you manage them. It also directs future growth, which shapes the appearance of your landscape in future.

Improved Safety

Having a good tree care routine can help make your property a safer place. If you have large trees with branches that hang over your driveway, home, or vehicles, trimming them will ensure you, your family and your property are safe. This also includes identifying cracked or weaker branches and pruning them adequately. Additionally, it will protect your trees against storm damage, reducing the chances of them collapsing due to high wind.

More Exposure to Essential Nutrients

When you remove unhealthy portions of a tree by trimming or pruning them, they will have better access to nutrients. This will also allow both sunlight and air to permeate your trees, making them strong and healthy.

Increased Property Value

Tree trimming and pruning will help keep your property looking clean and attractive. It also makes your house more visible and increases your chances of attracting potential buyers if you are looking to sell your property.

Preparing Your Trees for Spring

If you want your trees to be healthy and look their best, follow these tips:

  • Inspect and Tidy Your Trees –

    Check your tree for any noticeable damage or disease while there are no leaves on it. This way, you can see everything clearly. Take this time while it is still a bit cool to prune any unsafe or dead branches before the new growth begins, and while the pests and diseases are dormant. Remove any dead and severely damaged trees that didn’t make it through the winter and trim any fall plants that may have overgrown.

  • Clean Your Property –

    Go through your yard and take the time to remove leaves leftover from autumn, any branches that may have fallen or broken off during the winter, and general waste and assorted buildup from the wintertime. This way, all of the plants on your property including your trees have a fresh, clean start to grow healthily.

  • Prepare for the Season –

    Brace any trees that may not make it through a storm and think about installing some kind of lightning diversion in the tree itself or on your property to protect older, tall trees.

  • Planting and Care –

    Plant any new trees you have acquired for the year once it warms up a little bit. Mulch around the new saplings to help control weeds and assist with maintaining ideal moisture levels in the soil. Add fertilizer at the same time you would to the rest of your lawn.

  • Spring Inspection –

    As the trees grow leaves and the warmer temperatures and rainfall arrive, it is necessary to give them another inspection. At this point, you are checking to see if there is any standing water pooling around the base which could cause damage over time or any damage from flooding. Check for any colour changes, as this can also indicate a problem. You also want to be looking for any insects or diseases, as these can cause severe problems for your trees and can potentially spread quickly to other trees on your property or in your neighbourhood. If you do happen to notice anything out of the ordinary or find that your trees aren’t growing as anticipated, be sure to contact a qualified arborist to discover the heart of the issue, and help your tree grow healthy and strong.

  • Mulching –

    Be sure to lay down 3-4 inches of mulch around your trees as part of your spring tree care. It also helps to keep weeds away and prevent damage from using a lawnmower.

  • Test the Soil –

    Different species of plants and trees vary in pH levels. Having your soil tested to measure its pH level will allow you to assess your tree’s health and ensure proper regrowth after the harsh winter months. It is best to have the soil professionally tested by a qualified arborist when preparing the trees for springtime.

  • Pruning and Trimming –

    An arborist can help prune and trim dead, unsafe, or diseased branches. Performing this before the springtime helps to promote new growth and reduce the spread of pests.

Spring Tree Care

Phases of Spring Tree Care

Early Spring Care

  • Examine your trees for disease and winter damage.
  • Trim unsafe stems and dead or diseased branches before spring growth.

A Pre-Bloom Prep

  • Remove fallen leaves, branches, and waste from your yard to prepare your trees for healthy growth.
  • Feed them essential nutrients, such as a slow-release fertilizer to help defend against diseases and pests.

During Springtime

  • Secure ideal growing spots and plant new trees that are suitable for your region.
  • Add 2-5 inches of mulch around your trees to prevent weeds and improve moisture in the soil.

Trust Our Specialists for Tree Care in Toronto

DreamWorks Tree Services offers tree care in Toronto. From planting new trees on your property to pruning existing trees to remove unhealthy branches and increase the visual appeal, we provide extensive tree services in Toronto to cover everything you need. Call our tree care professionals today at 647-924-2627 or contact us online for assistance with all your spring tree care needs. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and ensure you have a beautiful landscape.

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