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What Does the Cost of Tree Removal Services Include?

Do you think the tree in your backyard is a threat to those on your property? An expert may suggest tree removal to avoid any hazards. If you are considering hiring professionals for tree removal, you must know that estimating the total cost of removing a tree depends on a variety of factors. The location, width, height, and the condition of the tree on the property usually determine the price of removing a tree.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Tree Removal Service

  • Size

    The size of the tree or the height is a critical aspect that can influence the total cost of its removal because removing a bigger tree may require more labour and advanced equipment.

  • Diameter

    Those that provide tree care services know that the width of the tree’s trunk also influences the cost to remove it. The fee for removing a shorter, broader tree is often more than that of a tall and thin one.

  • Location

    It is often cheaper to have a tree removed if it is clear of any obstacles and away from your house. However, if there are many risks involved, the price of removing it may increase because the experts may have to use advanced equipment.

  • Condition

    If the tree on your property is healthy, you may have to pay more to have it removed. However, if it is weak, dying or rotting, it could result in a lower cost.

Basic Tree Removal Service

Most contractors offer the following as a part of tree removal:

  • Analyze the location and condition of the tree to come up with quick and hassle-free ways of removing it.
  • Rope down the tree.
  • Chop it off into smaller, manageable pieces.
  • Haul it away safely.

Tree Removal Services that May Cost Additional Fees

Sometimes, you may require more than the basic services to ensure complete removal of the tree, in which case the experts may recommend one or more of the following methods:

  • Stump Removal

    The total price of removing a tree does not include stump removal. This is because removing a stump often requires using special tools and equipment.

  • Limb Chipping

    Limb chipping is often not a part of tree removal and may cost you extra.

  • Log Splitting

    If you have a fireplace, you can ask the experts to split the tree into small logs using a log splitting machine for an additional price.

Cost of Removing Storm-Damaged Trees

Tree Removal Services

Trees that have been damaged due to storms, tornadoes, and other natural disasters are difficult to remove. This is because they are usually left in awkward positions and even uprooted, requiring more labor and tools including equipment such as a crane. Thus, the cost of storm-damaged tree removal may be more than what normal circumstances may warrant.

We Offer Quick & Efficient Tree Removal in Toronto

If you feel you need professional assistance for removing a tree from your property, you can count on the team at DreamWorks Tree Services. We have qualified tree care experts to offer reliable advice and efficient services at a fair price.

For more information about our tree removal and building maintenance services, please call us at 647-793-8903. We also offer emergency tree removal services in and around Toronto.

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