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How to Use a Stump Grinder: 5 Useful Tips

Tree stumps are not only an eyesore but also a hazard for the people on the property. This is why it helps to remove them thoroughly. Among the many methods used, qualified arborists in Toronto believe that using a tree stump grinder is an efficient way to clear the area. As a leading provider of tree care services, we have put together this guide about stump grinding to help you.

Preparation Before Using a Tree Stump Grinder

Keep the following in mind when grinding a tree stump:

  • Use the safety gear, including gloves, goggles, and earplugs.
  • Read and understand the instructions carefully.
  • Be alert and cautious when using the machine.
  • Lookout for the people nearby.
  • Always unplug the equipment when it’s not in use.
  • Ensure that there are no rocks in the area as they can damage the stump grinder.
  • Cut the stump close to the ground before grinding to make the job easier.

5 Easy Steps to Grind a Stump

  • Prepare Your Work Area

    Before using the machine, it helps to prepare the site by removing any rocks and debris from around the stump. Then, cut the stump as close to the ground as possible with the help of a chainsaw. Block off the area to keep pets and people away from it.

  • Move the Stump Grinder into Position

    After preparing the work site, place the tree stump grinder in the right position to begin working. Make sure the angle is comfortable for you. Remember that you may have to change the height and angle multiple times when grinding the stump. However, avoid changing the position of the handle when the equipment is on. Use the locks on the wheel if and when necessary.

  • Grind a Part of the Stump

    Remember to reposition the grinder for more efficiency. It helps to change the angle every time you drop down about 80 – 100 millimetres on the stump. This will help you to get the work done quickly.

  • Reposition the Machine

    Once the stump is reduced to ground level, push the equipment towards the center of the trunk and lock its wheels in place. Set the handle at a proper height and grind it until you end up with a cleared space.

  • Cover the Area with Soil

    Switch off the ignition and make sure the stump grinder is turned off completely. Fill the hole with fresh soil and wood chips to avoid any safety hazards. You could also sow grass seed or any other seeds and rake the layers to help them grow.

Disposing of the Leftover Wood Chips After Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

You can use some of the wood chips to fill the hole after removing the stump. You could also use them for compost. If you do not have a use for them, ask your neighbours or the local nurseries if they need them for anything.

Hire Professionals for Stump Grinding & Removal

At DreamWorks Tree Services, we have tree care experts and qualified arborists in Toronto to offer fast and efficient stump grinding services. We can help you make your yard a beautiful, neat, and safe place. We have the knowledge and resources to get the work done quickly and safely.

If you want to get rid of the stumps professionally, give us a call at 647-793-8903 or toll-free 1-800-407-9917. You could also fill out our online form for more information about our stump grinding services.

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