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What To Do About Tree Branches Overhanging Your Roof

Trim Overhanging Tree Branches to Reduce Threats of Property Damage, Injury

The presence of established and healthy trees can indeed add an aura of charm and curb appeal to any property; their splendour can be eye-catching to passersby and the gentle rustling of their leaves in the wind can be relaxing and refreshing for the homeowner and their family. One dynamic that will contribute to such character is tree size, particularly in relation to height, as tall trees can be rather majestic in appearance; they represent a passage of time and their continued growth/maturity reflects lasting health and vitality.

Unfortunately, if such growth is left unchecked, it can eventually lead to potential issues, including the threat of property damage and even personal injuries due to branches that overhang the roof of the home or a detached garage. If proper tree pruning or branch trimming is not done routinely or at all, the branches can become too heavy or unwieldy, and although they may look impressive from a distance, they can actually be a harbinger for the following types of problems/damage, especially during windy or stormy weather:

  • Blocked gutters, resulting in roof leaks
  • Ripping/stripping shingles from the roof
  • Creating ideal conditions for mold growth
  • Breaking and falling onto or through the roof
  • Providing access to the home for insects/wildlife

Consequently, these issues can result in very costly repairs, much more than what might be invested in any branch trimming, regardless of whether that work is performed by the homeowner or by a tree trimming services provider such as DreamWorks Tree Services.

Why is it advisable to hire a professional tree services company to trim any overhanging branches? There are in fact several very practical reasons, including:

  • By their nature, overhanging branches are poised to cause damage
  • Incorrect tree trimming techniques can adversely affect tree health
  • Using an expert eliminates any danger/safety risk to the homeowner
  • Licensed providers will have workplace and general liability insurance

Furthermore, professional tree services providers should maintain an intimate knowledge of the local by-laws relative to special circumstances such as the need to obtain a permit for any tree trimming operations or situations where an overhanging branch or branches are extending from a tree that is on a neighbouring property.

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning Tips to Help Enhance Tree Health and Integrity

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning TipsThere are three fundamental reasons for homeowners or licensed professionals to prune a tree; these reasons consist of the following:

  • Curb Appeal – to maintain overall tree shape, size, and/or appearance
  • Safety – to remove dead or broken branches that might present a hazard
  • Tree Health – to save an infected tree, improve airflow, or promote growth

The following tree trimming and tree pruning tips are provided for those who might want to perform such maintenance/care in a do-it-yourself fashion:

  • Best if performed during the dormant season (unless a safety hazard exists)
  • Recommended for younger branches – a function of being easier to manage
  • Focus on branches with narrow or V-shaped angles (they tend to be weaker)
  • Inspect diameter of the branches – should ideally be five centimeters or less
  • Consider the length after the cut – not too close to the collar nor a long stub
  • Ensure that the final ratio of living crown to tree height remains at two-thirds

Property owners who may not have the time or inclination for their own tree trimming or pruning, or those with tall/mature trees and/or who might not be comfortable working at heights are encouraged to consider an experienced tree services provider. DreamWorks Tree Services offers almost twenty years of tree care knowledge, including expertise with respect to when and how to best trim trees of all species and size.

In addition, the DreamWorks Tree Services team employs spur-free tree pruning, using ropes and safety harnesses or aerial lifts/bucket trucks instead of climbing a tree directly by digging sharp spurs into its trunk.  Spur-free tree pruning and branch trimming offers several benefits, including:

  • Little to no bark damage
  • Little to no trunk damage
  • Less likelihood of infection
  • Less likelihood of infestation

For more information on the advantages of spur-free tree pruning by DreamWorks Tree Services, please see our Spur Free Tree Pruning page.

If there are tree branches overhanging the roof of your home or garage, it is advisable to address them via appropriate tree trimming techniques. Call the tree care specialists from DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-924-2627 or Contact us to obtain your no-obligation quote on tree trimming costs for your property.

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