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Why Expert Tree Care Is Needed When Your Tree Is Sick Or Dying

A healthy and vibrant tree can fulfill several functions while simultaneously contributing a degree of character to any property. With proper tree care and attention, it can offer homeowners any combination of the following:

  • Shade and/or shelter
  • Privacy/solitude
  • Fruit or fragrance
  • Aesthetics and ambience
  • Enhanced air quality

Regrettably, a tree that is sick or dying, either due to infestation or neglect/lack of care can become a sight (or blight) that diminishes the beauty of the property and could lead to expensive treatment or removal costs. Moreover, since homeowners might not be inclined to inspect their trees on a regular basis, a sick or dying tree can go unnoticed until any type of repair or rescue care is simply too late.

How To Tell When Your Tree Is Sick Or Dying

There are several overt signs that a tree is, in a manner of speaking, in some degree of distress and therefore in need of immediate care from a qualified professional arborist. These troublesome signs include:

  • Fungus or mushrooms growing around the base
  • Wood that is soft, spongy, or crumbly
Trunk Damage
  • Large and/or deep cracks or splits
  • Holes (cankers) in the bark and/or flaky or missing bark
Poor Tree Architecture
  • An uneven growth pattern (branches/limbs)
  • Trunk leaning or listing to one side
Crown Loss
  • Thinning, discoloured, or dried out leaves
  • Leaves falling too early (before autumn)
Dead Wood
  • Dry and easily breakable branches
  • Limbs that are bare in comparison to other branches

Recognizing any of these signs as early as possible might make the difference between repairing/salvaging the tree or having to endure the inconvenience/expense of removing it and planting another in its place.

If you suspect signs of distress in one or more of your trees, it is highly recommended that you contact a qualified tree care service such as DreamWorks Tree Service.

Call A Qualified Toronto Arborist For Expert Tree Care

Proper tree care can improve the aesthetic appeal as well as the value of any residential or commercial property. Unfortunately, circumstances can conspire to weaken the health/vigour of a tree or trees that will in turn negatively affect the charm and attractiveness of the property

When a tree is displaying signs that it is sick or dying, property owners can call upon the experience and expertise of a qualified arborist to:

  • Confirm that the tree is at risk
  • Diagnose the specific issue(s)
  • Determine the extent of the issue(s)
  • Recommend the appropriate action(s)
  • Competently perform any/all actions

Based on the diagnosis and prognosis in the opinion of the arborist, any of the following actions may be recommended and performed as part of the tree care process:

  • Pruning or trimming
  • Bracing or cabling
  • Branch removal (dead or diseased)
  • Branch removal (to improve sunlight penetration)
  • Tree and stump removal (if required)
  • Pesticide applications
  • Soil aeration and fertilization
  • Enhancing soil nutrition

Additional factors supporting the decision to hire a trained arborist include proficiency in the use of proper tree care equipment and experience/confidence working with mature and/or taller trees.

If your routine inspection identifies any signs of a sick or dying tree, call the tree care professionals at DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-924-2627 or 1-800-407-9917 or contact us to arrange a visit from a qualified arborist as soon as possible.

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