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Why the Dormant Season is Important for Your Trees

Also known as the resting period, dormant season refers to the early winter weeks when both, the amount of daylight and temperature decrease. The trees stop growing, become inactive, and shed their leaves to conserve resources to remobilize and use them in the springtime.

When we near the winter season, dormant pruning is often one of the most-talked-about tree care topics. The winter is the perfect time to prune your trees because it is their dormant period.

Advantages of Dormant Pruning

We have put together a few benefits of pruning your trees in the fall from our qualified arborists in Markham:

  • Precision
    During the fall when the trees shed their leaves, it becomes easier for the arborists to have a clear view. They can spot any disease-affected areas and decide what needs to be removed.
  • Preparing Trees for Storms
    Without leaves, arborists have a clear picture of how trees will look without the added weight. It helps them decide how a tree will handle high winds and storms and take the required steps accordingly to prune them.
  • Disease Control
    There are a variety of trees that cannot be pruned unless they are dormant, which is why this period is significant. Pruning during their non-growing season helps to decrease the likelihood of spreading any diseases to other branches or other trees in your property.
  • Improved Healing
    The trees require time to heal after pruning. Arborists in Newmarket believe that since springtime is the best period for the trees to recover, the dormant season is an ideal time to prune your trees and remove any diseased branches.
  • Less Impact on Landscape
    When the trees prepare themselves to stand up to the cold weather, pruning them proves to be less impactful and intrusive on the landscape.
  • Improve Overall Tree Health
    Any compromised or diseased portions of a tree can have a negative impact on the remaining healthier parts. Corrective dormant pruning is an effective way to get rid of the unhealthy branches, thus improving the overall health of the trees.
  • Enhance Aesthetics
    From an aesthetic point of view, the arborists can cut down the overgrown parts of a tree, helping its overall growth and enhancing its beauty.

Choose Qualified Arborists in Markham for Dormant Pruning

When the ground is frozen, it becomes easier for the arborists to access your trees with their tree care equipment, inspect them, and perform the required services to improve their overall health. In addition to this, dormant pruning results in fewer disruptions for you.

At DreamWorks Tree Services, we provide tree care and maintenance services in the GTA and have qualified arborists in Richmond Hill and Newmarket, among other regions. Our experts have the required knowledge and experience to provide dormant pruning services in an efficient and hassle-free way. For more information on dormant tree pruning, feel free to reach out to our specialists by calling 647-924-2627. We will be glad to arrange for an assessment on the appropriate course of action for your trees.

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