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Why Tree Removal Can Be Costly

There Are Several Factors That Can Influence Tree Removal Costs

Since tree removal is not an everyday occurrence for the majority of homeowners, the quoted costs are frequently met with surprise when the need for tree removal services arises.  This is particularly true when homeowners request an estimate for tree removal for the first time – many have even expressed shock when they see the projected cost, especially if the tree services contractor does not provide a detailed accounting of the various factors and actions needed for the removal process to be completed effectively.

There are in fact several important factors that must be considered and which in turn will affect tree removal costs.  The key aspects consist of the following:

  • Size of the tree – height and diameter
  • Location of the tree – proximity to the home, power lines, roads, etc.
  • Accessibility to the job site – for tree services staff and any equipment
  • Tree integrity – safety precautions/degree of risk associated with removal
  • Standard contractor costs – permits, labour, overhead (fuel, insurance, etc.)
  • Extent of clean-up effort required or requested once tree removal is finished

It should be noted that all of the above considerations pertain to the cost of basic tree removal services only, specifically:

  • Climbing – to dismantle the tree/branches into manageable sections/portions
  • Felling – severing the main trunk and its remaining branches near ground level
  • Cutting the main trunk (after tree has been felled) into smaller segments/pieces

Unfortunately, there can be many instances where tree removal is not quite as basic or straightforward as simply performing the steps noted above.  There can be complicating factors/situations that require additional services and/or special equipment, therefore adding to the costs. These can include:

  • Stump removal (customarily not considered a part of basic tree removal)
  • Converting tree limbs into wood chips – requires a chipper-and-truck set-up
  • Haulage – removal of larger limbs/trunk pieces (may be part of the estimate)
  • Log splitting – converting the trunk pieces into manageable fireplace-sized logs
  • Travel expenses – particularly for lot clearing services in rural or remote areas
  • Extra machinery such as cranes or bucket ladders for harder-to-access heights

While tree removal can be done at any time throughout the year, it is often suggested that homeowners consider contracting such work during the winter months.  Further to decreasing the potential for any damage to the lawn or adjacent gardens, tree removal companies are generally less busy throughout this period and may be willing to provide their services at a reduced rate.

Regardless of when the tree removal is performed, there are several other ways that homeowners may be able to lower the overall cost of these services. Some cost-saving tips might include:

  • Maintaining regular tree pruning habits
    • To protect against future issues from storm damage/broken or fallen branches
  • Schedule a tree inspection with a qualified arborist
  • Ensure that trees are healthy or take actions to revitalize any that are sickly
  • Note: the state of your trees can affect property value in the event of a resale
  • If tree removal is recommended, act as quickly as possible
    • do not delay the inevitable and risk added cost due to stability/integrity issues
  • Consider doing your own post-tree removal clean-up
  • Splitting trunk pieces yourself saves on overall cost of tree removal services
    • Also provides firewood for the winter without having to buy a full or face cord
  • Get multiple quotes before making a decision
    • As with other contractor services, prices for tree removal can vary widely
  • Consider submitting the quote to your home insurance carrier
    • Based on the specific circumstances, the insurer may cover all/part of the cost in order to avoid a more extensive and expensive damage claim in the future

Clearly, the removal of a tree may not be as simple as cutting it down and sawing or splitting the trunk into smaller pieces.  Significant planning is involved in terms of doing the job efficiently and safely, as well as clearing or hauling away the debris.  As such, tree removal should likely be left to the knowledge and skills of qualified professional arborists and trained service providers, such as the team from DreamWorks Tree Services.

Professional Tree Removal Service May Be Required for Any Number of Reasons

The loss of a tree or trees from any property can certainly be disconcerting, especially if they were providing any degrees of shade, privacy, and aesthetic appeal.  Unfortunately, tree removal is sometimes a necessity, due to such factors or issues as:

  • Storm damage
  • Tree health
  • Overgrowth
  • Infestation
  • Poor location
  • Encroachment

The professionals from DreamWorks Tree Services understand how to deal with such issues, and are fully trained and skilled in providing safe and effective tree removal services for commercial and residential properties as well as undeveloped lots.

If you have a tree or trees to be removed from your property, call the tree removal specialists at DreamWorks Tree Services today at 1-800-407-9917 to request your no-obligation estimate.

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