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Why Tree Stump Removal is a Good Idea

The problem with tree removal is that when you try cutting down a tree, you end up with the remaining portion of the trunk along with the roots. You can make the tree stump removal task easier by using a stump grinder. First, it’s important to acknowledge why you should remove stumps in the first place.

Why Should You Remove Tree Stumps?

  • Pest Infestation

    If you leave even a small portion of the trunk, it will begin to decompose over time and attract all kinds of pests such as ants and termites. You will end up with a new problem of pest infestation which may also spread to other nearby plants.

  • Plant Growth

    If you leave behind the stump, new invasive plants might start growing on it. They are quite difficult to remove, and you may have to use chemicals to get rid of them which can be harmful to other plants in the vicinity.

  • Safety Issues

    Stumps can also be a safety hazard if they are left on your property. You might risk tripping on them yourself, guests may stumble on them, or children playing in the yard may fall on them, resulting in a visit to the hospital that could have been easily avoided.

  • Continued Growth

    The roots of the remaining section of the trunk continue to grow. You may unknowingly hamper the growth of the new plants if you plant seedlings near them. It is advisable to remove them to avoid this issue.

  • Enhance Aesthetics

    A beautifully maintained yard can increase the value of your property and attract potential buyers. However, if it is not well-kept, it will adversely affect the beauty of your house, and can even discourage people from purchasing the place.

How Does a Tree Stump Grinder Work?

How Does a Tree Stump Grinder Work?

These grinders are mobile and easy to maneuver. They are mounted on wheels and have a long handle for convenient use. They come with a sharp blade which is powered by a powerful engine. They have different capacities for cutting the tree sections above and under the ground. You must keep the following in mind while using a tree stump grinder:

  • Follow Instructions

    Be careful while using this powerful piece of equipment and always read the directions that came with your model beforehand.

  • Use a Chainsaw

    Before using a grinder, make sure to cut the residual portion of the tree using a chainsaw. It will make your work easier.

  • Examine Your Work

    Inspect the work to ensure that you have removed the entire section, and nothing of the trunk and roots are remaining.

  • Cover Up Properly

    After getting rid of the stump, fill the hole with soil and blend it with the rest of your yard.

Hire Qualified Professionals for Tree Stump Removal in Toronto

Although you can obtain a grinder easily from most landscape shops, the actual task of stump grinding requires planning and proper execution which calls for the assistance of professionals.

At DreamWorks Tree Services, we provide fast and efficient tree stump removal in Newmarket and Toronto. We will help you make your yard neat and safe. If you wish to get rid of the unwanted leftover sections of trees quickly and in a hassle-free way, please get in touch with our experts by calling 647-924-2627.

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