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Yard Cleaning and Preparation Tips for the Springtime

Yard Cleaning is a Key Part of a Property’s Transition from Winter to Summer

Gazing out over a blanket of pure snow can have a tranquil and calming effect, especially if this is the sight from a window while someone is standing in the comfort and warmth of their home or place of business.  Such a view can also inspire thoughts of the pending change of seasons, notably from the standpoint of visualizing the look and design of the property when it is in full bloom/growth.

Between the present (winter) and the future (summer) as presented in this scenario lies the time/effort to be invested in the ritual of yard cleaning – that property maintenance activity to clear away the influences of winter so that families, tenants, and visitors can enjoy the splendour of the rest of the year.

Winter weather can present several issues that homeowners or property managers may need to deal with once the snow has melted and the ground has thawed.  Such problems will often include:

  • Compacted soil conditions
  • Alterations in soil chemistry
  • Bald, burned, or dead areas
  • Conditions that promote weed growth
  • Conditions that promote disease/infestation

Each of these conditions can rob trees, shrubs, and plants of the nutrients they will need when the growing season begins.  To remedy the deleterious effects of such situations, homeowners/property owners may want to consider the following actions with respect to cleaning and preparing their yard when the weather permits:

  • Remove debris that has collected in gardens, flower beds, and around bases of trees
  • Rake and dethatch the lawn; top-dress and seed the lawn, especially thin/bare spots
  • Inspect trees for winter damage and the need for cabling/bracing or branch removal
  • Prune hedges, bushes, and shrubs, cut back perennials, and replace or refresh mulch
  • Plan any new landscape designs and/or plantings – trees, shrubs, plants, flower beds
  • Consider having a soil test done to determine best choice of fertilizer/nutrition to add

This is certainly a comprehensive list; however, it has often been said that the success of any endeavour is directly proportional to the amount of time and effort invested in its planning.  For property owners who may not have the time or the inclination for cleaning and preparing their yard in the spring, but who still want to enjoy the results of such an effort, there is the option of contracting a professional property maintenance service, like DreamWorks Tree Services in Toronto.

Professional Property Maintenance Services Available on a Year-Round Basis

A professional property maintenance service can add considerable curb appeal/aesthetics to any residential or commercial site, as well as ensuring the health and vitality of trees, lawns, and shrubbery.

DreamWorks Tree Services offers comprehensive year-round property maintenance to meet the varied needs of homeowners and building managers.  These services consist of the following programs:

  • Weekly Maintenance – grass cutting, trimming, and debris clean-up
  • Monthly Maintenance – pruning, dethatching, aeration, and fertilization
  • Seasonal Maintenance – spring/fall yard cleaning, preparation, planting
  • Snow Removal Service

For more information on any/all of these property maintenance packages, call the team from DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-924-2627 or contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation within 48 hours.

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