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Your Complete Checklist for Tree Planting

Tree planting is a step-by-step procedure that requires thorough planning. Proper planting and tree care ensure your seedlings grow into healthy trees in the future.

DreamWorks Tree Services is one of the leading tree-planting services in Toronto. Our team has compiled a simple guide to help you get started successfully.

7 Steps to Tree Planting

Determine the Location

Planting trees is a great contribution to society and the environment. You can consider planting in one or multiple locations. Make a list of suitable places because not all locations are appropriate for growing green vegetation.

Here are some of the suggestions:

  • Your backyard or front yard
  • Church
  • Community centre
  • Apartment complex
  • School garden
  • City hall
  • Free forest
  • Library
  • Lanes or sidewalks

Pick the Landscape

When you have selected the site, the next step is to determine the most suitable landscape for your tree type. It helps to hire a tree planting service at this stage as they know the best terrains or soils to plant a specific species. Make a list of all the types of trees you want to plant. Alternatively, you can choose the site first and then determine which trees will best suit the soil composition of the location. Most species grow well in moist, deep, and well-drained soil.

Investigate the Site

After choosing the landscape, investigate your site for factors including:

  • Check for hidden or hanging power cables
  • Know the maximum height your tree will reach at maturity
  • Know the full size (in diameter) your tree will reach at maturity
  • See if there is a road or sidewalk nearby
  • Check if there are other trees in the vicinity
  • Ensure that the location receives adequate sunlight
  • Check if there is any water source nearby
  • Investigate any pipes underground
  • Test the soil type of the landscape
  • See how fast the water seeps through the soil

Make a Schedule to Plant Your Trees

Spring or fall is the best season to plant your trees. Both seasons allow strong growth and strength for many years. Avoid planting until the dangers of frost have gone. If you want to pick the best date for tree planting, a certified arborist can review the planting zone and the weather and give you an accurate time that will increase the chances of optimum growth.

Get Permission for Tree Planting

Before taking up the planting project, ensure to take written permission from the owner or authority of the property. We recommend meeting with the owner or the concerned authority and conveying the necessary details of your project to avoid any future issues. Securing written permission from the owner with a signed contract is your best bet. You might also have to take a permit from your local municipality, depending on the type of tree-planting project.

Go Through Your To-Do List

There is a lot you need to prepare before planting day. Make a to-do list and ensure you go through it to make the project effective. Here are some of the essential things to add to your to-do list:

  • The best time for planting: Approximately 4 to 6 pm before sunset is ideal for sowing as it gives sapling time to acclimate before facing the heat of the day.
  • Materials: You need tools, including a spade, shovel, bucket, digging bar, and weeder.
  • Site preparation: Get rid of weeds and prepare the soil.
  • Selecting your trees: Ensure your plant the right tree at the right place. A tree planting service can help you.

Care for Your Trees

At this stage, you have planted your trees and are ready to prepare them for the future. You must take care of them to ensure they receive adequate nourishment for healthy growth. Here is a list of vital things you need to do:

Hire Tree Planting Services in Toronto for Complete Care

Your Complete Checklist for Tree PlantingDreamWorks Tree Services specializes in offering comprehensive tree-planting services for all types of properties, including residential and commercial. We help our clients in their tree planting undertakings, from understanding their objectives to maintenance and aftercare.

Some of our primary services include:

  • Tree Selection
  • Site Selection
  • Planting
  • Mulching
  • Staking
  • Watering
  • Fertilizing
  • Aesthetic appeal

To learn more about our expertise and to get a free site assessment, call us at 647-924-2627 or fill out our form. One of our certified arborists will get in touch with you.

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